Sound healing. The power of sound.

Sound healing and the power of sound

Sound Healing And The Power Of Sound

Sound healing has been here since the beginning. In the beginning was the word and the word was God. The Hebrew translation for word can also been interpreted as sound. If the word of God was a sound then, could that be the reason for this material creation? There are ancient mystics and sages who believe that the sound Aum or Ohm is the sound of creation. Additionally, when we go even deeper into that thought, Then we see we are all harmonics manifesting our reality from that fundamental sound source. We have all heard the expression ‘Good Vibration’. Basically, when you are in tune with the source sound, your harmonics are in tune with the fundamental or creator sound. This makes you healthy and vibrant.

And when you realise that sound is created from energy. And energy is the source of your material existence. This means when you have a healthy energetic field to create your material reality, you will be healthy. This means the power of sound and sound healing is quintessential for optimum health. And it will be the most important healing modality of the future. This is already happening across the world with so many people trying sound healing as part of their health regime.

The Science Of Cymatics And Sound Healing

More recently, back in the 1960’s, Swiss scientist Dr Hans Gerry researched the Cymatic frequencies. In particular, he looked into how they influence physical form. This exploration of the effects of Cymatic frequencies on matter came up with some breathtaking results. Sound really does affect our physical condition in many ways. This is what I want to explore with this article. Cymatics shows us that sound creates form, and can heal also.

Jonathan Reid is another Cymatic researcher, who is a musician and a scientist. Jonathan was researching these Cymatic patterns within the walls of the Kings chamber inside the Great Pyramid. He was experiencing great back pain while conducting the experiments. Jonathan later realised that the pain had disappeared. It never came back , and it was the culmination of the sound frequencies that healed his back.

Hospitals Today Use Sound Healing

We do use sound for healing in hospitals today in the form of ultrasound. This is used to heal tissue, can decrease swelling and gives a gentle massage to the affected area. So we already use sound in today’s modern world for healing and health. But all the possibilities have not been explored as yet. Let us go back in history and see where this was used then.

Sound Healing And Pythagoras

pythagoras and his soul adjustments. Sound healing

Pythagoras has been credited as being the Father of Mathematics, Geometry and Music. Did you know that Pythagoras was actually a sound healer? He worked out that music is mathematics and he would perform what he called ‘soul adjustments’ with this music. Pythagoras used intervals, including the Fibonacci series, as a medicine for the body and the emotions.

The Fibonacci Series Of Numbers

Sound healing and the Fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci series of numbers can be found everywhere in nature. They are looked upon as the building blocks of life. If we look at the scale of western music, a scale comprises of 8 notes. And the the chord sequence of that note is the third and fifth note.

The Fibonacci series starts at the beginning, which is zero, and then the next number is 1. Add zero and one together and you get one. Then add one to that and you get two. Add one to two and you get three. Then add two and three and you get five. Add three and five and you get eight and it goes up like that. So the numbers go up like this 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233 and so on.

The Fibonacci series gives perfect balance in growth and movement, so therefore you get a balanced expansion. So now can you see that the first note, the third note, the fifth note and the octave (eighth note) is all part of the Fibonacci series in relation to a musical scale.

Tuning your chakras

wake up your chakras

Another researcher into Sound healing is Jonathan Goldman. He also has researched heavily into the use of sound by the ancients and has made many great discoveries. Jonathan also realised while working in an anechoic chamber that the nervous system has a sound. He found that the nervous system sound could be affected by tuning forks. Einstein spoke about the Universal Energy Field and explained that this is the only reality.

In modern life today we are being detuned from that field. And we all need to find ways to tune us back up. Sound healing is a great way of doing this. We have seven energy vortex points that run up the spine of the body, known in Eastern philosophies as the chakra system and these can all be opened and tuned by tuning folks.

The tuning of the chakra system simply runs up the C scale in musical terms. C, D, E, F, G, A and B. C is the root chakra, D is the sacral chakra, E is the solar plexus chakra, F is the heart chakra, G is the throat chakra, A is the third eye chakra and B is the crown chakra. Once you start to work with these chakras and sound, your reality starts to look different. I found this to be an amazing journey.

Bin-aural beats and the Fibonacci sequence

binaural beats

Another way to affect the human condition through sound is the use of binaural beats. Binaural beats are created by playing two different tones in each headphone, no less than 1 Hz and no more than 30 Hz, and the brain will process these two beats by filling in the difference between the two frequencies. If you have 400 Hz in one earpiece and 410 Hz in the other earpiece, you are creating a binaural beat of 10 Hz in your brain.

The five cognitive states your brain operates in are Gamma (over 40 Hz), Beta (13 – 39 Hz), Alpha (7 – 13 Hz), Theta (4 – 7 Hz) and Delta (<4 Hz). As the frequencies decrease, cognitive focus and alertness decrease. You will start to move to more meditative states depending on what Binaural beat you are listening to.

The Schumann pulse

shuman pulse

The Schumann pulse, which is 7.8 Hz. This is also the frequency of the Alpha state for the brain, which is wakeful relaxation. This is the desired frequency for rest and digest, which is a human state this modern world doesn’t seem to allow us to visit very much. . Our world is becoming more and more obsessed with the physical body.

We are being dragged into this material world by the meme we live in, and by choosing to wake up your energy body, you will be making a great change for yourself. You will start to wake up the senses, see the mad world for what it is and start to realise that you need to wake up, pay attention and do something about changing yourself, and changing the world around you.

More and more people are starting to get into sound healing, and the results are wonderful to see.

Sound Therapy and Bach Flower Remedies

Sound Healing Will Change your energy

Our energy body, or you may have heard of it as a light body, can carry the physical body. Indeed it does especially in the Western world with our bad diet, additions and habits. When you begin to wake up to your energy or light body, you understand that if you want to work at an optimum, these two bodies should work in tandem with each other.

So both of these bodies need good fuel, exercise and the proper rest to work properly. Our exercises will help you to rest and you may not notice the change in you at first, but, with time, I am sure you will start to feel the difference. This world is a wonder and if we all start to experience it from that understanding, then things will change automatically for the better.

Sound Healing Is A Beautiful Thing

Sound Healing And The Power Of Love

We all need love. And we all want to avoid suffering. We all want a better world. So rather than staying in systems that do not serve humanity as a whole, let us rid the ones that no longer work that are being controlled from the shadows, and make the ones stronger that do. The first steps are easy really.

Choose love or choose fear. We believe these exercises will help you make steps to find the real you inside, where you can now start to build the life you want, and then start to help others build the life they want around you. So what is good for me is good for you. It is a very simple principle in theory, so why not put it into practice. The time is now and a new world is waiting for us when we reach the numbers to make the true change this world is crying out for. Turn on, tune in and chill out. Yeah!!!!!!

Sound Meditation – Why Is This Important?

Can You Help Me With Sound Healing

At the Bright Beings Academy, we do have some mini courses using sound as a healing modality. I have listed the mini courses below. At the Academy. Qi Gong is also taught and incorporates sound into some of the classes.

Bright Beings Academy

Chakra Meditations With Healing Sounds

Chakra meditations with healing sounds will teach you to cleanse your chakra system using the background music provided. There are guided meditations in this short course, but also pieces of simple music to download for you to use when you need to. You can work with the music once you have learnt how to cleanse your chakras. Click the link below.

Solfeggio Tones For Healing

In solfeggio tones for healing you have the pure tone downloads, as well as tones with a very simple musical background. The music is not designed for entertainment and has been kept to using simple thirds and fifths of the original tone to keep the integrity. You can use the tones anytime but best at night. The tones last either 1 hr, 30 mins or 10 mins.

Chakra Toning With Healing Sounds

Chakra toning with healing sounds will teach you to cleanse your chakra system using the toning method provided. There are guided and un guided sessions in this short course, but also pieces of simple music to download for you to use when you need to. You can work with the music once you have learnt how to tone your chakras. Click the link below.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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