How meditation and mindfulness helped me through a very traumatic life – Meditation And Trauma

Mditation and trauma
Meditation and Trauma

Meditation And Trauma

I never knew Meditation and trauma could find answers for me. Having led a traumatic life when I was young. I really felt what it was like to feel abandoned, alone and discarded. Accordingly, many of these feelings may have been overblown as I did not realise how the body and energy works in that period of my life.

But the fact of the matter is, I did get through these traumatic experiences and I can say, for moments in my live, I have experienced extreme joy, happiness and completeness. I have lived a life as a musician and now as a Ki Gong instructor, and a meditation and mindfulness coach. I can see the power of the human mind, and how our limiting belief systems can stop us from being who we should be.

Meditation And Trauma – How I Learnt To Shine

That is a being that is able to shine, to love and to give, I find myself now with boundless energy where I can just keep giving without expecting anything in return. Of course there are still people who come into my life that just want to take from me. I will always greet them with a smile and watch them as they slowly drift out of my life as I cannot offer them anything in the material realm for their material gain.

But what I can offer you is an experience of the esoteric realm, and how I managed to connect with the field in a more profound way. That to me is the purpose of my life, and I love guiding people to this place, as it feels like I am guiding them home.

Want Help Dealing With Your Trauma?

Are you looking for help dealing with any trauma issues you may have. With scientific evidence now showing us that body tapping is amazing for helping you with trauma. The good news is, we do many tapping exercises at the Bright Beings Academy.

Bright Beings Academy

The Bright Beings Academy is a Qi Gong and Meditation school. I set the Academy up because I realised that my stress and anxiety were soothed very quickly by Qi Gong. My trauma took a little longer. Click the link below for your free trial and see where Qi Gong takes you.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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