Clear Your Mind Of Crazy Thoughts – Meditation Helped Me Realise I Was Not Going Crazy

Meditation Helped Me Realise I Was Not Going Crazy

Clear Your Mind Of Crazy Thoughts

How to clear your mind of crazy thoughts. Meditation and mindfulness helped me realise I was not going crazy; I was just waking up. Waking up from what? You may ask. Waking up to the world that I see before me. The world that is full of restrictions, rules and regulations that don’t make sense when you line them up next to each other, and you have a valued second opinion, that is being completely ignored.

Waking up to the censorship we are now witnessing that does not fit in with the agenda that is rolling out before us. Waking up to the infinite possibility that we actually have at our fingertips that can help us manifest the life we want, and deserve. I realise now that my battle with psychologists, psychiatric nurses and social workers was all part of the process of me finding who I am, and what I am here to do. If I can do this, then I feel that anyone can.

Toe To Toe With The Professionals

I used to sit toe to toe with these so-called professionals where they were trying to convince me that all the bad happening in the world was human nature, and nothing could be done about it. That was a little like telling me just accept you are bad, accept you are going to do terrible things, and don’t worry about it. That is so inverted and wrong, I don’t even know how to express my feelings about that. I kept saying this is not human nature, and eventually most of them would agree with me.

Even as a very young boy, I used to point out that some human beings were amazing, and others were not. Some learnt how to change and become better people, and some didn’t. I convinced most of them that human nature is actually something buried deep down inside all of us, we just need to bring it out. Unfortunately, that does take effort, and also facing your shadow or darker side. We have all had bad, nasty or even evil thoughts at times, but this isn’t us. This is an energy that may be stuck in the body, or an energy visiting your body that has caught the attention of your mind.

Clear Your Mind Of Crazy Thoughts By Coming To Terms Of Who You Are

I am sure most human beings who have experienced some form of sensitivity have been past a place where something bad has happened, and you can feel the chill deep down to your bones. This is not you; you are experiencing something dark. The same goes for the dark energy that stays with us or visits our bodies. It is transient. This is why I fought so hard as a young boy to keep these so-called professionals from labelling me and accepting my fate, as it were.

This still triggers me today when I see people stating that when someone is say, a narcissist, they cannot recover from that position. Our society is creating narcissists and they can recover from that position. I am sure we have all experienced some kind of narcissistic thought or action at some point in our lives. It is accepting this, forgiving yourself and moving on is so important.

Meditation Helped Me Realise I Was Not Going Crazy By Peter Paul Parker

Reveal The Shadow Side Of You

When I started my journey of learning Ki Gong, meditation and mindfulness, I started to see my shadows that were in my body. At first, I resisted letting them go. I wanted to hold onto these attributes as I thought they were me. This created enormous tussles with my ego. As it was my ego that wanted to hold onto these attributes. My ego felt safe and on top of these feelings. Releasing these took work and soul searching and even experiencing what some would call the dark night of the soul.

There were times I would find it difficult to put one-foot Infront of the other. I did not know who I was anymore. This was my ego letting go of my shadow side and helping me walk into a more empowered creative place. This new place was not bound by these restrictions. I started to feel lighter and free again, much like a child running in a field again. Also, I was feeling liberated. I am still going through these types of feelings and sensations daily, but in smaller ways.

You Can Clear Your Mind – You Can Clear Your Crazy Thoughts

Now I am starting to realise we can all do this, and not only heal ourselves but heal others also. We are in a new age, which is Aquarius. This is a more nurturing and more compassionate time. We are moving away from the saturnalian influence that has dominated our planet for so many years now. This has its naturally restrictive energy, and being male dominated. That has had its day and is over. We can now join the more female, water based energy of Aquarius to bring our species and the planet back to a place of balance. I want to help with that.

Meditation calemd me from crazy thoughts

Through all my experience of learning Ki Gong, meditation and mindfulness, I have creative a comprehensive course on this to help anyone make this transition. I have done this to help raise the vibration of the planet. There is free content in the webinar I have created where you can see where this will lead you to, as you go through the five meditation techniques.

Meditation Is Such A Powerful Tool To Have

I have just hosted a meditation for the Saturn Jupiter conjunction on 21st December. When writing this, I am still resonating from the meditation. This made me feel connected to the higher energies and more whole and complete as a human being. I see what is happening with so many people around me not being able to visit their families at Christmas. It does make me feel sad. But I do realise we have to go through this process to see that we are the ones who need to change. And then we will change who is authorising all these measures against us.

This will not be a political revolution, this will not be a military solution, this will be a people revolution. I would not even use the word revolution. We are going to move into a place of unchartered territory as we move ever closer to a golden age that is predicted to come in the next 70 years. It is certainly an exciting time to be on the planet as we witness the end of an era. And witness the beginning of a new one. If you want to take the course, all you need to do is follow the instructions from the video below. I wish you a peaceful journey and always remember, Keep Shining!

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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