Breathing Meditation – Why Is This So Important?

Breathing meditation - Why is this so important?
Breathing Meditation. Why is this so important?

Breathing meditation – Why is it important?

Why is breathing meditation so important? As we age our breathing gets shallower. The breath is one of the ways we get energy into the body, so as we breath in a shallower manner, our energy starts to deplete quicker. Also, because we stimulate the internal organs with our diaphragm, this stops happening when we breath not using the full capacity of our lungs.

There are so many health benefits to why we should breathe deeply, and I cover them in the Dream Method coaching course that I am running on meditation at the moment. Deep breathing is definitely the best place to start when learning how to meditate. Focusing on your breath and breathing as deeply as you can really does bring remarkable changes to your physiology and your psychology.

All the way from deep breathing stretching the airwave tissues which releases a chemical that helps to maintain the integrity of the airwaves, to generally making you feel calmer, relaxed and even less depressed. The changes in me were remarkable, but I had so much resistance to this at first. I slowly began to realise the benefits of deep breathing, and now catch myself checking how my breathing is throughout the day. And if I need to, I can deepen it very quickly.

Breathing Meditation Changes Our Bodies State

Breathing meditation, or deep breathing, also brings us down into the parasympathetic nervous state. I cover this in the free webinar on 5 meditation techniques that you can find the link to the advert leading you to the webinar below. It seemed ridiculous when someone first said that simply focusing on your breath is a meditation. You can try it right now. Take a moment to breath in and out five deep breaths. While you are doing this, monitor how many thoughts come into your head. How focused are you on your breathing? It is difficult, I know, I have been there.

But with practice, this becomes easier. Meditation is a wonderful voyage of discovery, and you actually become a little addicted to the feelings of joy, happiness and even bliss that it gives you, when you have practiced it enough. But is that really good to admit that I have changed my addictions from alcohol, and all the other outside stimulations to give me happiness, and moved it to feeling the sensations I have inside.

I realise that this is another attachment, and find balance in this now. It is easier I feel, to find balance coming from a place of meditation, rather than a place of physical addiction.

Breathing Meditation Is Easy To Learn With Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a practice that makes you focus your mind on your body and your breath. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Just try sitting there for five minutes and keep your minds attention on your breath without feeling stressed or anxious. It is difficult right.

You can learn deep breathing meditation at the Bright Beings Academy. It is fun and easy to learn with the short breathing meditation courses that are in the Academy. You can click the link below and have a free trial for two weeks. What have you got to lose?

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What If I Need Help To Learn Breathing Meditation

Coaching at the Bright Beings Academy

I run a coaching course at the Bright Beings Academy called the Dream Method. You can learn the five types of meditation I use to help me in my every day life. Breathing meditation is an important part of my daily life now. The Dream Method is designed to help highly sensitive people, empaths and intuitives. Click the link below to see the free webinar of what the Dream Method can do for you.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

Learn Qi Gong at the Bright Beings Academy

You can learn Qi Gong at the Bright Beings Academy very quickly. Qi Gong is easy to learn and hard to master. This is why it is such a powerful healing art form to take up, Click the link below for you to see how Qi Gong can help you to learn breathing meditation.

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Two Weeks Free Trial Available

Increased Flexibility – More Stamina –

Better Connection With Your Mind, Body And Soul

Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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