Silent Meditation – Why is this so important?

Silent meditation - Why is this important?
Silent Meditation – Why is it important?

Silent meditation – Why is this important? Certainly I have found silent meditation will become easier once you have practised the other three meditations. This type of meditation really does give you indications of where your mind is at. And what issues you may be having in your life. I have found silent meditation a spectacular way of solving issues and problems. This is because I have been practising the other types of meditations for a while.

This is especially prevalent in the early mornings while I am coming out of a deep sleep. I can start to meditate then, and the clearest, surest answers and solutions come for the problems I offer out to the universe. It is like the miracle of manifestation resting in the palms of my hand. Waiting for me to act and direct the energy.

Silent Meditation Helped Me Manifest A New Life

I must state here silent meditation has been the practise of all the meditations that has allowed to me to find this place. I know we are all different. And some people will be able to find that place in a different way. But I felt compelled to share how I have achieved this. Silent meditation can help you move towards the life of your dreams. As long as you are sure you know what you want.

If you are in lack, and are begging the universe for abundance, the universe will see your vibration as lack, and keep handing that to you until the cows come home. You will figure this out as you go down this road.

Silent Meditation

Silent meditation helps you feel the energy you are purveying and then you can use the other forms of meditation to change your energy. If your memory is good, you can actually use silent meditation to change your energy also. It is simply remembering where you were at when you were in the right state of mind to feel these amazing feelings and taking yourself back there.

Get To Your Inner Feelings With Silent Meditation

You can easily do this by remembering an event that has taken you there. But I have found this unsustainable and sometimes unreliable. That is, the feeling does not last. It is the inner feelings that are more important and we can get to them through silent meditation. Short feelings of materialistic happiness are nothing compared to the deep joy and fulfilment we can feel when we learn to meditate. Silent meditation is another key to finding these feelings of wholeness and completeness.

What Can I Do To Learn Different Types Of Meditation?

I have created the Bright Beings Academy and the Dream Method for people who want to go deeper with their meditation and mindful practise. These are two different ways you can get deeper into your practise.

The Dream method

The Dream method is a one to one coaching and online course designed to repair emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression. This course has been designed for highly sensitive people, empaths and intuitives. On the course, you will learn many different types of meditation techniques, including silent meditation. Click the link below to see the free webinar to see if this resonates with you.

The Dream Method by Peter Paul Parker

The Dream Method

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Bright Beings Academy

The Bright Beings Academy is an online Qi Gong and meditation school. You can learn different types of meditation at the Academy. Also included are many online courses, short energy exercise routines and more. Click the link for your free trial below.

Qi Gong at the Bright Beings Academy

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂 

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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