Sound Meditation – Why Is This Important?

sound meditation is an amazing way to heal your body
Sound Meditation Is An Amazing Way To Heal Your Body

Sound meditation – Why is this important?

I found sound meditation to be the deepest experience for me. Maybe it is because I was a professional musician for about ten years. But when speaking to other people, they also find sound toning and sound meditation one of the deepest and most profound forms of meditation. I can feel parts of my body resonate when I use certain sounds and tones.

Sound Meditation Is The Deepest Form Of Meditation For Me

This is the deepest meditation for me. When I use this technique regularly, my silent meditations get much deeper also. I used to do sound healing sessions with tuning forks and developed ways of healing the chakra system and the ethereal body by using the forks. It was the strangest of activities at first. I could tell if a chakra or energy field of the body was out of sync just by waving the tuning forks around the area of the chakra or around the body if it were not so specific to body position.

This was one of many empirical evidential realisations that I had with meditation and how it works. I used to re tune people’s energy body, and they would tell me how clear and amazing they felt after a session. I found I had become a symptoms-based healer and tried to encourage the client to stop living the life that kept taking their energy out of resonance of their natural field.

Sound Meditation Eased My Frustration With Meditation

This came with frustration after frustration until I found sound toning. This meant that I could teach them the way to do this, and then do the practice at home, so they did not become reliant on me.

Sound Meditation - Why Is This Important?

Sound toning helps your body resonate back with your energy body. It really is deep for me, and I found it remarkable when I could focus say, on my Sacral chakra, and make it vibrate by focusing on a tone, and using that tone.

This helped me clear my energy body and made me feel amazing again. Sound is incredible and I do go into the science of cymatics in Sound Healing. The Power Of Sound.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 😊

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