Will Meditation Make Me Emotionless?

Will meditation make me emotionless?

Will Meditation Make Me Emotionless?

Will meditation make me emotionless? No not at all. In fact, meditation will help you feel your emotions on a deeper level, which is what I have experienced. You start to see the cycles in your life, and how to change those cycles.

There is no reason to deceive yourself or others for that matter. You will also see that the very structure of the way that we live will actually make you emotionless, and meditation will bring you back from that place, so you can experience your emotions properly again.

Will Meditation PutMe In Control Of My Emotions?

A great example of me being in control of my emotions was watching an Australian film called ‘Storm Boy’ recently. The story was about a young boy who rescued three baby pelicans and nurtured them back to health. The relationship between the boy and the pelican, named Mr. Percival, who was the weakest of the chicks, was amazing.

That came to a brutal end when Mr. Percival was shot down by hunters. In previous days of my life that would have sent me into a rage. In fact, I have had so many moments in my life that has sent me into a rage, I have become numb to the emotions that instigated that rage.

I Felt The Sadness

But this time I felt the sadness, rather than the rage. I also went on to see the rest of the film, and how that little boy had achieved so much good because of the sadness he had to suffer for the birds on his local shoreline. Instead of me ranting and raving about how vile human beings can be, I saw that sometimes tragedy needs to happen for us to act and make things better.

I had a rollercoaster of a ride with my emotions watching the film, and even the feelings of anger and frustration, I enjoyed. I enjoyed them because at the end there was resolution and reformation, rather than being stuck with the negative emotions we can all get dragged down by.

Learning Life Lessons From Films

Learning from films can be really helpful with our own personal development. Meditation has enabled me to really get to the bottom of my emotions. When I am sad, I own that sadness. When I am happy, I own that happiness. As goes with all the other emotions and feelings that I have.

This perception is like taking an overview of the situation you are in, and then seeking remedy, if it is needed, from a bad situation. Meditation helps you be more in touch with your emotions. In fact, you could say, let your emotions be your guide.

How Do I learn To Meditate?

There are solutions at the Bright Beings Academy. In the Academy there are all the apsects included that helped me get deeper into meditation. Here are a couple of ideas below.

Learn To Meditate At The Bright Beings Academy

Bright Beings Academy

The Bright Beings Academy is a Qi Gong and meditation school. I found Qi Gong was the gateway to getting me more into the different types of meditations there are. Click the link below and see what is on offer at the Bright Beings Academy.

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The Dream Method

The Dream Method is a one to one coaching and online course to repair emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression. This goes deeply into the many forms of meditation to help you become your best version. Click the link below for the free webinar to see if this will resonate with you.

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I look forward to connectin with you in my next post.

Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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