How Can Meditation Be Exciting?

How Can Meditation Be Exciting?

Can Meditation Be Exciting?

How meditation can be exciting? Some people say meditation is boring. If you feel this way, then you are not really getting what meditation is all about. Our bodies are amazing, and at one time in our past, our minds were considered the six sense. For instance, if there is a bad smell around, we tend to move away from the smell. The same would be said for a harsh sound. Our mind is like our sixth sense, and is a very powerful tool if used correctly. That is why I find meditation fascinating as I am beginning to realise the infinite potential our minds have. I am beginning to recognise the bad smell, the bad sound or the bad taste with my mind to certain types of information that I receive through my brain, and act accordingly to these stimuli. This makes meditation exciting to me.

Now I can sense when I am changing and growing. I can really feel that joyful emotion we all get when we do something well. The journey inside with meditation will bring you to those places of joy, happiness and even freedom. I realise that people who may call those sensations boring, may be a little over stimulated by the exterior distractions of the outside world. It is the inner world that can bring you happiness. If you look at the crazy way we look at business today. It all has to be big. And it all has to be global. It all has to happen now. If you step back and say I am going to grow my business in a slow and steady way, and each day, there will be profound gains and realisations, then you will be enjoying the journey as well as the outcome.

How Can We Make Meditation Exciting?

We have created a society where everybody wants to win the marathon without running the race. One of the biggest joys in life for me has been self-discovery and self-realisation. When we all start to look at ourselves and our place in the world on a deeper level, then everything will change overnight. I realise this will not happen on mass, but to make profound changes in our world, it only needs a very small percentage of us to make this shift. If you are reading this blog, you are one of these people, and I am so grateful for your attention.

When you get into a daily practise with meditation, you start to see the changes in you. And you start to see the changes in your world. Realising you are in control of your destiny is a wonderul realisation. And to think of that as not being exciting, would be foolish.

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Be well and keep shining.

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