Meditation Is Not Running Away From Your Problems

Meditation Is Not Running Away From Your Problems

Is Meditation Running Away From Your Problems?

Meditation is not running away from problems. Some people say meditation is running away or escapism. Nothing could be further from the truth. We tend to push away thoughts and feelings that hurt or even harm us. When we develop a strong mind, meditation actually brings those thoughts and feelings closer to us, so it is actually the opposite of running away. If we keep pushing those thoughts and feelings that hurt us away, they will come back. Sometimes they come back even bigger and are even harder to deal with.

When you meditate, you will have the right mind set to see the cycles. You see that there may be different players in the scenario, but realise that you dealt with the problem badly in the past. Then you will act responsibly, where responsibility means your ability to respond. And you heal that cycle that keeps going round and round in your life. This is not running away. It is not trying to deal with the problem with force either. This is dealing with the problems we face in our lives in a way that you grow from the experience.

running away from problems is not meditation

Getting Stuck In Todays world Of Hypocrisy

I will give you an example of the position we are stuck in with our world at the moment. This may seem a little harsh, but please believe me I did these two actions with my best intentions with all concerned. The first is when a quite well-dressed man came up to me and asked me directly for money. I asked him what he needed it for immediately. He said he was down on his luck and had no money to feed himself. So, I said to him ‘Do you realise what money is?’ I said ‘It is an exchange of energy, or should be, but has been turned now into a commodity.

So, we have central banking systems creating money out of thin air so they can increase their croney insider’s wealth, while making the tax payers pay for this. Money used to be created in a different way, but now it is causing poverty and hardship.’ I then posed the question ‘What are you going to do with this information?’ ‘Are you going to share this information with others to stop this cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?’ ‘I will help you with that if you like.’ He mumbled some words at me. The poor man had lost his will to take any action to change his situation. I gave him some change and moved on.

There Are Amazing People Out There To Help

Another instance happened to me when another man walked straight up to me and asked for money, and when questioned, he said it was for food. We were in London, and I said a mile down the road is the Hare Krishna Temple and they will always provide food for you if you are hungry with no charge. They are wonderful people who welcome everyone. He said outright that he would not walk a mile to get some food because he lived in the local area. I was really surprised at his attitude.

If I had that attitude with some of the situations I have been in, I would have starved to death by now. Using our brains is so important to solving problems, especially in todays difficult world. Has everything become too easy that we are not willing to do anything to change our situation? I would say that is not the case, but it seems to be an alarming rise in expect everything for nothing attitude, while you do nothing. This is breaking one of the hermetic principles, which is the law of exchange.

Yes We Do Need To Change

Yes, we do need to change the way that we live on the planet, and with each other. And part of that is the change of attitude of getting something for nothing. I am so pleased to say that this is already starting to happen, and if you meditate regularly and feel the energy, you will sense the shift. If you want to get deeper into meditation, I have prepared a webinar highlighting the 5 meditation techniques I teach.

It is free but not for nothing. It will let you know a little more about me, and also see if you would like to go on a course for you to make a deeper change within yourself. There is still the law of exchange happening here, so please do not feel bad if you try the webinar and not want to go further with your journey with me. I wish you all the best, whatever you decide. Just click the link below and you can experience the webinar.

The Dream Method

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The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

Meditation Is Definitely Not Running Away From Your Problems

Meditation is not running away from your problems. In fact, you can become better at working out your problems for yourself. Meditation is such a broad term for so many practises. You can learn to meditate at the Bright Beings Academy. Click the link below for the free trial.

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Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter.  🙂

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