Why You Do Not Need To Be Spiritual To meditate!

Why You Do Not Need To Be Spiritual To Meditate

Why You Do Not Need To Be Spiritual To Meditate

Why you do not need to be spiritual to meditate! Some people say you need to be spiritual to meditate. This is also not true. The word spiritual came from spiritus, which is Latin for breathing or breath. It is connecting with your breath which could be termed a spiritual practice. It is as simple as that.

How much you discover about yourself through your meditation practice really is down to you. Our freedom of choice is amazing, and we can use it in any way we choose. The word spiritual has so many connotations that it is difficult to define what it actually means any more. So many people get lost in the astral realms believing that this is spiritual, and that they are special because only a handful of people seem to be able to do this on our world at the moment.

Connecting To Higher Energies Makes Us Spiritual

I feel that it is connecting to higher energies that makes us spiritual, if you want my interpretation of the word. We can do this. I did it through my Ki Gong practice. And I have had some incredible moments when really going deep with the workshops and seminars I have attended with Ki Gong. I have been able to actually move the hairs on my arms when brushing my hands across them with my hand being the football width away from my arm. Feeling that electro magnetic energy coming out of my body was an incredible insight into the energy body, and why it is important to connect with our own.

Connecting To Higher Energies Makes Us Spiritual

Blue Star Of Kachina

I also saw, what I interpreted to be the Hopi Indians Blue Star of Kachina, during one workshop inside of me. In fact, it was right in the middle of my minds eye. This seemed to bring me closer to my moral based consciousness. Closer to my sense of what is the right thing to do. Closer to the true essence of me. I feel this is spiritual, without an effigy, a prayer mat, or a book in sight.

I am not saying anything that you follow that leads you to the right place is wrong, far from it. But you do not need to be spiritual to meditate. You need to let go of your pre conceptions, your ego, for a while at least, and your old sense of self to open up to the possibilities to what you are. That is a journey worth taking. If you have not tried it already, give the free webinar I have prepared on 5 meditation techniques to transform your life. You can click the link below.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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