Does Meditation Take Years To Master?

Does Meditation Take Years To Master?

Mastering Meditation

Why does meditation take years to master? It does not really. It is difficult to train the mind back into good habits, but in today’s world, meditation can actually be fun. I love my Ki Gong practice that comes from South Korea. The classes are taught in a light hearted and fun manner. It was wonderful for me to get to know my body in this way. You will feel the same way too. Imagine feeling you are being entertained at the same time.

This made the whole process much quicker. If you learn and have fun at the same time, the process seems more effortless and quicker. I do run regular Ki Gong classes on the Bright Beings Aacademy. It is free for the first two weeks so you can see if it resonates with you. Click the link below.

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Meditation And Sound Toning

I found sound toning great fun also. Our mouths are one of the biggest acupressure points of our body. This is why people who are either really stressed or even excited can talk too much. Using our mouth to relieve stress is a great way of getting into meditation. This is sound toning. Any tone with the right intention is fine.

I do teach certain tones for certain areas. I have been trained by Jonathan Goldmans practise to do it this way. The process is fun and really does get you deep into the moment. When you see a great singer really belting out a heart felt ballad, they are in the moment. You can experience that too in a different way with sound toning. Maybe the fire and the passion may be lacking a little, but the intention and the willingness to be in the moment is there.

Meditation Is A Very Broad Term

Meditation is one word to cover a very broad subject indeed. I have had some incredible experiences with sound toning, being able to tune my chakras up and even getting them to vibrate. It is a very unusual feeling at first, but amazing all the same. You can learn more about sound healing here.

I cover 5 types of meditation with the Dream Method. This is the 5 meditation techniques I used to clear my emotional childhood wounds. I also found my stress and anxiety melting away also with the techniques I was taught. Click the link below and see if the Dream Method resonates with you.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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