How To Be Calm With Meditation

Can You Really Learn How To Be Calm With Meditation?

Yes you can learn how to be calm with meditation. Meditation can create a calmer presence for you. Developing a calmer presence through meditation helps you to stand back from situations so you can weigh up your options more helpfully to all concerned, and also to enable you to listen to your sixth sense. This helps you to respond to situations rather than react. When we react, usually it comes from the subconscious mind. And as we learn through our meditation practise, our subconscious conditioning is not always for the betterment of ourselves. We can change this through creating good habits, and a good habit is to keep a calm presence. Not always, as this is impeding on some of the emotions we can feel and experience as human beings, which can be joyful.

Responding helps you explore your ability to respond, i.e. your responsibility. This is your choice and your choice alone. You have the power inside of you to respond accordingly, rather than react. Reacting has made me jump into all kinds of hot water, and it hurts. It can hurt in the moment when you react. You feel like you are using your power, but really you are using force. Raising your voice, screaming unreasonable sentences and raising your temperature are all not good for you. And if we keep those hot emotions in our body, without dealing with them properly, they can lead to physical ailments in the body. That is why I love Ki Gong so much.

Water Up Fire Down For A Calmer Presence

One of the major principles of the practise I teach is ‘Water up, Fire down.’ This means the cool energies of the kidneys go up the meridian lines to the brain stem, which cools the head. This is where the expression has come from. Fire down means getting that hot energy down into your lower abdomen, where the expression fire in the belly comes from. The lower abdomen, or Dahn Jon which is what we call it in the practise I teach, should be warm. This area expresses the power of the body, and we can rid ourselves of this hot energy that does not serve us through the body.

Ki Gong has helped me change. Having been a fiery rock musician who would always fight my corner and never took any garbage from anyone. And I still have those attributes about me, as they are the authentic me looking at my astrology and numerology. But now I do not fire at other people who cross me with all guns blazing. I respond accordingly. And if this means moving on, I do that now without too much attachment involved. Life is a gift for you to explore. Why live it with a hot head, upsetting everyone you meet? Experience it to the fullest and be grateful everyday for this experience. You will only be you in your present form once with your parents DNA mixed with your life force energy, so cherish and treasure that knowledge and be the best you possible can be in all moments.

How To Be Calm With Meditation

If you want to know how to be caIm with meditation through mentoring, I have prepared a webinar with the 5 meditation techniques I teach. It is free and on demand.

The Dream Method

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Water Up Fire Down at the Bright Beings Academy

Learn about the energy system of the body. Learn water up fire down for a calm mind. The Bright Beings Academy is a Qi Gong and Meditation school to help you calm your mind. Click the link below to try the Academy for free for two weeks.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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