How To Improve Focus With Meditation?

will my focus improve through meditation

Improving Focus With Meditation

How to improve focus with meditation is a good question. After meditating regularly, even for short periods of time, you find your concentration, your ability to focus, and your perception all improve. Like expressed in earlier articles, meditation is like training for the mind. For instance, if we have decided to run a marathon for charity or for personal reasons, we would train our bodies. In fact, we would train really well and prepare for the event because we know from watching or listening to other marathon runners that it is really hard to run a whole marathon. We need to train our bodies to be able to run the full distance.

The same can be said for the mind. If we want to improve our focus, we need to train the mind. This can take many forms, but essentially is the same activity. Which is training your mind to have greater focus. If you consider great athletes, they have trained both their mind and their body to achieve the accolades they have achieved. Could you imagine a marathon runner winning the gold medal at the Olympics without any training of either the mind or the body? Both body and mind would be well prepared to take on such a task, and be the best in the field.

Our Attention Span And Focus Is Slowly Deteriorating

According to a well-publicised report by Microsoft, human being’s attention spans are shortening. The study suggests they have become less that a goldfish. That is a remarkable claim, and really reflects the use of technology in todays society and how this is affecting us as human beings. To have great focus is the key to unlocking so many doors for you to become the best version of yourself. My own meditation journey has taken my mind to some amazing places, and that would never have happened it I had not learnt to first train my mind to focus for longer and longer periods of time.

Now I can get lost in a Ki Gong class or even a deep meditation and not realise how much time has passed. My consciousness is completely immersed in my activity, and therefore my focus is 100 % on what I am doing. I liken it to being in a deep lucid dream. Life takes on that dream like quality when you meditate a lot, and this helps you make the decisions that suits your best or higher purpose. This focus is especially relevant in today’s world, where we see individuals, groups and even Governments being trapped in the negativity of a moment, and causing so much trouble and trauma because of their position and not responding in an appropriate way. These are reactions to a problem, and shows lack of focus and lack of vision.

Keeping You Occupied With Distractions

Also, there are interests lurking in the background as always, trying to manipulate the agenda. So, our focus needs to be on ourselves, our journey, and the way that we interact with others around us. We can focus on what is serving us, and what is not serving us. And then choose wisely as to our best course of action, not only for us, but the good of the people closest to us also.

How to improve your focus with meditation

What I am really saying here is that there are so many distractions in today’s world. And we need to have the focus and insight to spot them. There is so much more to this existence on earth, than being born, living and then dying. But we have to put the meaning into it. We are all born into different cultures which impinges on our consciousness in one way or another. But deep inside all of us, is that life force energy, that consciousness, that Ki, Chi, Qi, prana or whatever term you want to call it, that exists in all matter.

How To Improve Focus With Meditation

You can connect to that when we develop our focus more. This enables you to respond to life in a more meaningful way. You can achieve all of this through meditation. I have created a meditation webinar that has the five types of meditation that I teach. You can experience this webinar by clicking the link below. It is free and there are no ties. Let me know how you get on with the exercises. The course is called the Dream Method.

The Dream Method

The Dream Method

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The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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