By Creating A Proper Place To Meditate, will This Make The Experience Better?

creating a proper place to meditate

Is It Necessary To Create A Proper Place To Meditate?

Creating a proper place to meditate, using salt lamps or night lights, comfortable cushions, not too much light and some soothing music to hand if you are doing a quiet meditation, not only helps you to meditate, but increases the value of your meditation. This also is available for your whole household to use. Including children, who benefit tremendously from taking time out in meditation and quiet contemplation.

Creating an environment to meditate is a positive action that you are doing something good and beneficial for yourself. I have met so many people who feel guilty when they spend too much attention on themselves. I am not sure where this came from, but maybe the fear of appearing selfish. To take time for yourself is not selfish at all. Sometimes we need time to contemplate and meditate. So we can be our best versions for the people who are close to us.

We Use Salt Lamps

We use salt lamps in our house. Rather than getting too bogged down with the science, they are very cleansing. The salt particles that are emitted from the salt lamps actually clean the air of a room. When I first heard that and the explanation of how the salt removes many of the polluting particulates from the air molecule a little absurd and ridiculous. But, when meeting a man at the Mind Body experience in our local area and becoming fascinating with that he had to say, we bit the bullet and brought a salt lamp.

It was a hot sunny day, and the pollen was high. And we knew it, as my wife and I do suffer from hay fever. We turned the salt lamp on in the front room in the morning and left it on all day. Once we finished being outside, we came into the front room from the garden. Both of us couldn’t believe how clean the air felt. And how our slightly itchy noses and eyes seem to feel better. The room felt like it had had a vacuum cleaner through it compared to some of the other rooms in the house. Now we have salt lamps in all the rooms of the house.

creating a proper place to meditate by peter paul parker

We have also set up a meditation room, which we call the healing room. It is not as pristine as it was as we have had to take in a stray cat that was on its last legs, and the cat now lives in that room. We do have another cat that doesn’t get on with the newcomer, so she has to live in the healing room. We use that for our meditations and Ki Gong. In fact, I am teaching Ki Gong on line now from the cat’s bedroom every week on You Tube. You can try a live class for free on my You Tube channel if you click the link below the picture.

The Answer Is Yes

The answer to the question is a big yes then. It is better to create a space for you to meditate, especially at first. When you become more seasoned with what it is all about, you will find anywhere is suitable, even when riding on a train. If you want to learn more about the types of meditation I teach, Click the Dream Method.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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