Learn Meditation – The Dream Method

Learn Meditation with the Dream Method

Do You Want To Learn How To Meditate?

Where do you start to learn meditation? There are so many options out there for you. I have been working with my mind my body and my breath for many years now. And I must admit I have spent a fortune on the many ways we can do this. As I find this whole field fascinating.

What I have learnt is to bring my body and mind into a good state quickly. I have also learnt to identify the triggers that put me into a bad state, which used to be often. All in all, I have also learnt many different techniques to bring me into the present. That is, no longer being stuck in the past or the future.

Learn Meditation To Stop The Mind Time Travelling

When you learn meditation and how to meditate you can learn to control the mind. The mind is a time traveller, but the body isn’t. It is stuck in the present moment. And our mind and body yearn to be with each other. This is why we feel stressed, anxious or even depressed when we our mind and body is disconnected.

What I have done is put one to one coaching and online course together so you can learn the techniques I have learnt so you can do this for yourself. You can then share what you have learnt with the people around you. I want to help empower all of us into making this world the paradise it should be.

Learn Meditation To Stop The Negative Cycles

We all seem to be stuck in these repeating cycles that are not serving us, and we can co create the world we want. And this can be simply done by connecting with ourselves, and then with others who are vibrating on that higher level. Watch the video I have prepared explaining the course and if you decide you would like to go further, then it is easy to contact me.

Learn Meditation With The Five Stepping Stones Of The Dream Method

Click the link below and see if the Dream Method is going to resonate with you. It is a short free webinar. Click the link below.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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