Do You Need A Special Area To Meditate?

Do I need a special area to meditate

Do You Need A Special To Meditate?

Do you need a special area to meditate is a good question. A meditative atmosphere is good for everyone, including any pets who have felt stressed through these unprecedented times we are living in. As mentioned in a previous blog, we can make a special place to meditate. We have created what we call the healing room in our house.

This is where we practise Ki Gong and do our meditations and sound toning sessions from. It really has developed a special energy in the room. You can feel that energy, even when we enter the room and we are not intending to meditate there. Energy does leave a residue on areas that it is used. For instance, when we drove past the old battle field in Culloden, both my wife and I felt a cold dark feeling come across us, as we went past the battle field. The same can be said for the good energy we create. So, meditating in a special area can increase the presence in that area, and therefore increase the way that you are affected.

No Need To Rearrange Your House

It can be hard to rearrange your house and even your life to find a place to meditate regularly. I would suggest if this is the case, try the same place in your house, but make some effort to make it a special moment. Lowering the lighting, burn a scented candle or some essential oils in an oil burner. Make sure the room is warm and comfortable. Try to keep the room free of distractions. All of these tips can be hard in certain households, and if this is the case for you, do your best. It is better to make a regular attempt to meditate, even if your circumstances are difficult, rather than not bother at all. So many people have changed their lives through meditation. So why not you?

Do You Need A Special Area To Meditate? It really is up to you

I was very sceptical about meditation at first. Then I turned a corner with some excellence guidance and a fantastic mentor. I was trained under the Korean method of the Tao. This really helped me comprehend the nature of our reality on a deeper level. And taught me how I should interact with the world around me. This has taken me by so much, I became a Meditation and Mindfulness coach, and a Ki Gong instructor. I have created what I call the 5 stepping stones to transform your life. This is the Dream Method.These consist of 5 types of meditation, which I call the Dream Method.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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