Highly Sensitive People. What is a highly sensitive human being? HSP Series.

Highly sensitive people

Highly Sensitive People. What is that?

Welcome to this blog series on highly sensitive people. I sincerely hope this short series gives you some peace of mind if you are highly sensitive. I know how hard this can be. You tend to realise at an early age whether you are highly sensitive or not. I certainly did, and with my parents dying when I was very young, I had a large amount of trauma to deal with also. I grew up with five brothers, and I was completely different to all of them.

Highly Sensitive Means You Process Information On A Deeper Level

Being highly sensitive has been shown to describe people who process all information very deeply, including emotions, thoughts and sensory input. This is a personality trait that has both a good and a bad side. If you are highly sensitive, you are likely to excel in creativity, empathy and see connections that other people just do not see. These are amazing qualities to have, but can lead to emotional exhaustion, uneasiness and even despondency.

Highly Sensitive People Are In The Minority

Highly sensitive people are in the minority and this will make you feel alone. This is because our culture does not value sensitive people and we are told at a very early age to hide our sensitivity. Everybody is sensitive to a certain extent, but do you feel you are more sensitive than the other people around you?

If you are highly sensitive, you are likely to have more activity in your brain that deals with empathy, emotions and social interactions. You are also going to have more activity in the brain in the area known as the seat of consciousness, where your inner world meets your outer world, known as the insula.

Highly Sensitive People Usually Like A Slower Pace Of Life

You may prefer a slower pace of life, so that you can take in all the amazing sensations and feelings you are having. Today’s world doesn’t allow you to do this, does it? And from personal experience, I can safely say this leads to emotional exhaustion, uneasiness or even despondency.

Qi Gong for highly sensitive people

Being Highly Sensitive Is A Good Thing

Let’s look into the positives first of what it is to be highly sensitive. Your insightfulness, artistic sense and open mindedness are your super powers. You have a huge capacity for compassion, empathy and kindness. Your very essence in these crazy times today, makes this world a better place. At times, this seems far from the case. Which is why I have produced this video and blog series to help you put your abilities into perspective.

Additionally, if you are feeling that being highly sensitive as a curse. Take comfort in the fact that so many highly sensitive people are actually working out what is going on inside of them. This gives them the insight and the vision to see what is going on outside of them. Basically, this helps you navigate your life much easier. It is empowering. Stay to the end of this article if you need help with this. I did, and I am happy that I did find the super power inside of me.

Highly Sensitive People Can Grow Up With A Feeling Something Is Wrong With Them

Have you grown up with the constant feeling that something is wrong with you? Have you often been called crazy, too sensitive, or even over dramatic? When you bring up a great point in a group, and then someone reiterates what you say, and then the facilitator of the group starts to interact with the one who restates your point.

How frustrating is that? The problem is that you have such a deep level of seeing things, most people do not understand or get you.

Being Highly Sensitive Is A True Gift

Your depth of thought, depth of sensuality and depth of feelings are a true gift. Once you have healed all the negative emotions, feelings and traumas in the body, these gifts make this five-sense reality an absolute wonder to experience.

Naturally, you have a deeper connection with your nervous system. When all the negative issues of the past are left unchecked, this will make you highly reactive. It is possible to change this.

Highly sensitive people see the world differently
Experience the wonder of your reality through your highly sensitive nature

Highly Sensitives Can Feel Love And Joy More Intensely

Feeling love more intensely and the deep sensations of joy in your body are truly amazing when you experience them properly. That is the way nature intended us to experience them.

When we are hindered by our previous negative experiences, then these deeper feelings make us feel that there is something broken inside of us. Nothing is broken, it is just that you need to be reset into the human being you are supposed to be. You need to clean yourself up from the inside.

Highly Sensitive People Also Feel Negative Emotions More Deeply

These negative emotions, feelings and traumatic memories can come from really harsh circumstances like the abuse of your parents or siblings. Or they can come from just being asked constantly ‘Are you shy?’ ‘Are you afraid?’ ‘Are you having trouble with this?’ ‘Are you over thinking this?’ ‘Are you looking into this too deeply?’

All of these questions being constantly asked of you will make you feel there is something wrong with you, when there isn’t. You have just been misunderstood.

Highly Sensitive People Can Be Seen As Shy

People used to label me as shy when I was younger. I would go red easily, and get embarrassed. But looking back, it was not really shyness. I realised from an early age, and so did my mother, that I was different.

That made me cautious about who I shared what I was feeling and experiencing. That did not make me shy. It made me choosey as to who I would speak with, to save myself from the questions and comments I mentioned earlier. I became quiet. It was easier, even though deep inside, I felt like an extrovert and wanted to connect with everyone.

I am sensitive just like you
Are You Cautious With Who You Share Your Feelings With?

What Does It Really Mean To Be Highly Sensitive?

I want to look at being highly sensitive and what it really means on a more profound level. With the explosion of consciousness happening over our world today. And the realisation that the old systems are no longer serving us as a species, why are 20 – 30% of human beings highly sensitive?

Is it because the highly sensitive people of this world need to start to be heard and recognised. This will bring this world back into balance? Personally, through my work with highly sensitive people, I am starting to see that is the case.

What Happens When A Highly Sensitive Person Finds Their Voice

We have seen some amazing people in our most recent history stand up and speak out against what is happening in the world. And then nothing changes. We are on the cusp of an enormous change. And I feel highly sensitive people are at the cutting edge of that change.

Imagine a world with more love, empathy and compassion for not only our species, but the whole of the natural world. This is going to happen, and it is up to you how big or how small a part you want to play in this time of great change. That is the fun part. There is no pressure on you whatsoever. The only pressure comes from that nagging feeling inside of you that you have to do something. But you have to do the inner work first.

I am sensitive too
Imagine a world full of love, empathy and compassion for all things. It is achievable

Highly Sensitives Must Journey Inwards And Then Succeed Outwards

I say journey inwards and succeed outwards. It is knowing yourself that is the key to you living a successful life. You will find it easier to connect with the new consciousness that is coming onto the planet now. It is more to your level as a highly sensitive being.

You will be able to find the opportunities to shine, and make yourself part of this new society that is being formed. At first it is parallel to the old ways, and then this will finally take over. Many people are feeling this now, so now is the time to act.

What Can I do If I Am Struggling With My Highly Sensitive Nature?

Learn to respond to life

Respond to life rather than react. When we react to life, we can get the highly sensitive machine gun out, and bombard the person in front of us with all the problems we see in our heads. This does no one any good, except maybe your ego for a very short time.

When we respond to situations, we keep our grace, and stay out of conflict. This is important as we do not like conflict as a general rule being highly sensitive.

Repair your childhood wounds

Find and repair the childhood wounds that you have deep down inside of you. This can be something that seems small, or something that is completely traumatic. If you are highly sensitive, and you really look deep inside, you may well surprise yourself how deep these wounds go.

Learn an energy based healing system

Learn an energy based healing system, like Qi Gong. This will calm your nervous system, slow down the activities in your body, and allow it to work properly. When we get that highly sensitive nervous system squeeze, there is nothing worst for disrupting your flow.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

If you are looking for a quick way to heal the inner you, then click the link below to watch my webinar called the Dream Method. This will take you through the five steps I have used to repair my emotional childhood wounds, soothe my anxiety and alleviate my depression. This method can work for you too.

I look forward to sharing in my next article where we go deeper into being highly sensitive.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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