Highly sensitive people do not do well under pressure. HSP series.

highly sensitive people do not do well under pressure
Highly Sensitive People Generally Do Not Do Well Under Pressure

Welcome to this series on highly sensitive people, who generally do not perform well under pressure. Deadlines and time pressure can cause serious distress and uneasiness to someone who is highly sensitive. They are more at home with themselves taking their time and giving their full focus on the task they are doing.

Deadlines and time pressure are a real and stressful distraction to a highly sensitive human. Rather than just being able to focus on the task at hand, the added pressure of a deadline can be the death of creativity. It is rather like how we look at time in the west compared to the east.

Highly Sensitives Can Be Bad With Dead Lines

Highly sensitives tend to look at time from a linear perspective in the west. We have timelines and deadlines, and projects that have a time when they need to be finished. So many sell by dates on food products, a certain amount of time you are required to work, go to school, go to college, and so on.

Highly sensitives are obsessed with time. In the east, time is looked upon in a more cyclical way. Not so much in today’s world, but from the past this was the case. We still appreciate the cycles in the west, like the seasons, but we do not consider time to be like this.

We look at time as linear rather than cycles in todays world

In many of the ancient manuscripts and texts, our ancestors talked about time being cyclical. We have the yugas in the Vedas, which are the ones most people who look into this subject are more familiar with. But this concept is written about all over the ancient world. We have our own circadian rhythm inside of our body, which is our natural cycle inside of us.

Highly Sensitives Like Open Time Lines

In my work, I have felt so comfortable with a project, say the writing of an album, when I have open ended time to complete it. Deadlines used to make me force the music I was producing and it would come out contrived. A great example is my album Anahata, earth echoes. The record label wanted another 4 tracks to go on the album, but did not give me a time to get it done by. I obviously worked on it and completed it as quickly as I could. But I did not feel the pressure of a deadline.

In my humble opinion, I feel highly sensitive people are more tuned into the cyclical way that time works. They tend to remember many things and start to recognise the patterns that run through their lives when they start working on themselves. They start to see the reactions they have to certain stimuli and then work on themselves to change that.

When a deadline or a time pressure comes along to distract their natural flow of life, this can cause a complete meltdown. And then, when they get pushed too far with this, the alarm bells start ringing, the red lights start flashing, and the result is not usually good for anyone.

When highly sensitive humans get pushed too far, alarm bells usually start ringing

This seems to be the case with virtually all the highly sensitive people I know. We do not like time constraints or unnecessary pressure. I feel that people are starting to realise and ask the question ‘What is the point of this stressed out life?

Highly Sensitives Can Be Hindered By Time Pressures

This stressed life does not yield the results that you want or even desire. More highly sensitive people are starting to see we live in an abundant planet, and yet there seems to be so much lack. More highly sensitive people are moving into the world of working for themselves. This enables them to set their own agenda and work on their business in their own time.

Imagine that. If you could work on your business and make it your own. You do not have to compare yourself to anyone, and you can work to suit your own rhythm. That would sound like a breath of fresh air to a highly sensitive human being stuck in a job with time constraints and deadlines.

Highly Sensitives And Deadlines

Maybe we should be seeing the word deadline in a different way. Maybe we should be looking at the word for its true meaning. It is a line that is dead and kills off creativity. People are looking at the word job and saying that means just over broke. Maybe we should be looking at the word deadline in the same way. To build up something that is good takes time and effort. Highly sensitive people are more than capable of putting in the effort, if they are given the time.

How To Deal With Deadlines And Time Constraints As A Highly Sensitive

Do your best

When it comes to deadlines and time constraints, highly sensitive people do feel this more. We generally want to do our best work, and do not like to cut corners. This causes internal issues, so it is best to do your best at all times, and try to consider the deadline, rather than being stressed by it.

Use your imagination

If you imagine that there is no time constraint, and you put your head down to do the work, you can make great headway with what you have in mind to do. Even if you only complete some of the work you do really well, that would be better than doing half the job just to beat the deadline.

Meditation and mindfulness will really help you

If you haven’t already, taking up a practise of meditation or mindfulness will really help here. This will help you absorb yourself into the moment of getting the work done. You may even surprise yourself, as I often do. You will complete your task with time to spare. Well done. Now go and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

If You Need Help With This

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