Highly Sensitive People Find It Difficult To Change HSP Series

Highly sensitive people have a richer and more complex inner world
We can change whenever we choose to. It is up to us!

Highly Sensitives Can Find It Difficult To Change

Welcome to this highly sensitive people series where we can find it difficult to change. This article is about being uncomfortable with change as a highly sensitive human. Do you feel anxious trying something new or eating somewhere you have never eaten before? Do you get comfortable with your usual routine and then get uncomfortable when things begin to change? Can journeying through new environments be troubling to you? If your answer is yes, you are probably highly sensitive.

This is because you have to take everything in, in order to feel comfortable. Being highly sensitive makes it energy consuming to process all this new information. I know that feeling. Whether it be a good new experience, like releasing an album, or a bad new experience, like being betrayed by a friend, it takes highly sensitive people more time to process the experience. This is because they process these experiences so deeply.

Highly Sensitives Can Find It Hard To Cope With Change

I remember when my mother died when I was 11 and I was sent to boarding school because my father could not cope with me. Trying to sleep in a dormitory full of boys was very difficult for me. I had to process all the new experiences I was having.

I had to learn all the new sounds and sensations in the room I was now sleeping in. This was the same for the class rooms and recreation areas we had to frequent. Having to deal with the trauma of my mother passing and a new school was exhausting for me. Taking in all this new information was a trial in itself.

highly sensitive and finding it difficult to change
Office work did not suit me at all!

Highly Sensitives Can Find It Difficult To Change Jobs

Life moved on and I felt uncomfortable when I changed jobs and found somewhere new to live. I remember taking on my first sales job, and everyone thought I was really shy and didn’t talk much.

It was true that I didn’t talk much, because I was processing new environments and experiences constantly. I was natural when speaking to potential customers, which made me authentic and good at the work. I was genuinely interested in their business and wanted the advertising to work for them.

As time went on, I gradually made friends with the people at the company. They could not believe the difference in me when I started to become more comfortable with my home and work surroundings. I was adapting to the routines, and becoming happier in myself because of this. This helped me create friendships. Life flowed well for a while, but I still wanted more out of life, and was becoming more stressed when I realised that some of the people at the firm were stealing my leads. This made me feel disillusioned with the work and decided to move on.

But, I tried to keep my place in the company for a while. I had put many dots together to highlight the stealing of my leads and explained my case to the manager. It felt like my points were falling on death ears. This is also a common experience for highly sensitive people.

We feel we are not being listened to or appreciated. When the frustration became so great, that is when I decided to leave. The stress on me was becoming too much for me to cope with and I was starting to resent working for the company. That is no good for anyone.

highly sensitive and music
I loved being a professional musician!

Highly Sensitives Need To Find Their Courage

I walked out of the company and decided to become a professional musician. This was a big leap of faith. I was good at music, and decided it was time to fulfil my childhood ambition of becoming a musician. This made me get on with it and I started to audition and picked up small paying work very quickly.

I decided to take myself of to bass guitar college and learn the instrument properly. This was difficult for me, as I not only had to learn new scales and riffs, I was also mixing with new people. It was a little easier because many of the musicians I was meeting were highly sensitive also.

As time went on, I became more and more confident with music. I also became more resilient to change. I was learning to meditate when we improvised music on stage, and I was learning to just go with the flow of life. When things were a little tricky, I had to act quickly to fix the situation.

They were difficult days to start of with, but became easier when success and financial stability came. I really started to embrace the changing face of being a professional musician. I had so much dead time where I could really process all the experiences I had.We can get over the feelings of us thinking it is difficult to change.

Highly Sensitives Can Find It Hard To Adapt And Difficult To Change

With music trends changing and new technology coming into the production of music, I was not happy with the new changes. It took me a while to adapt to these changes. I did finally embrace the new technology, but music did lose some of its magic when this happened. Vinyl was far better quality than tapes. Tapes were better quality than CD’s arguably. CD’s are better quality than MP3’s.

The quality of music production was waning and so was the rock music scene. I could see the end of my career coming, but was so resistant to this. I had always introduced myself as ‘Hi, I am Peter and I am a professional musician’. This was a label I did not want to give up easily. I faced this difficult to change part of me though.

highly sensitive and anahata earth exhoes
My album on New World Music

It was the release of my album Anahata – Earth Echoes that made me make the transition from musician to meditation coach and Ki Gong instructor. On the day of the release, I found many websites offering the album for free. I also found ring tones being given away for free on some websites with my music.

On top of that, I was in bands who were more concerned with their image than the music. I started to think what is the point of all of this. I could see no way of making a living from what was happening to me and decided to change my path. This was still really hard for me to do.

I had been training with Ki Gong while still a musician. I was always into the mind body spirit arena after having out of body experiences. Around this time, my teacher asked me to go and teach at an elderly community centre. I had no contact with elderly people at that time in my life, and felt intimidated by this.

Highly Sensitives Can Change When They Need To – It is not always difficult to change

I bit the bullet and went for it. I stuck to my training, and it worked out really well. From a small start, more and more people were taking the class, and I was seeing some amazing results. This is what inspired me to become a professional meditation coach and Ki Gong instructor. I had just moved from one hard profession to another. But it was the people who I had helped with my practise that inspired me to keep going with this.

When you are in those difficult to change moments, step back, take a breath and respond to the situation and not react.

As A Highly Sensitive Learn To –

Change when you need to

Always remember, nothing is ever set in stone. Everything in the universe is always moving. Our minds are like that too. Just because we have a rich and deep inner world, doesn’t mean we can’t change. We can. But sometimes it takes time.

Adapt when you need to

With a brain you have as a highly sensitive human, you can learn to adapt quite quickly. We need to re sensitise our brain to our body, and this will help us to adapt to change much more easily. We will then begin to realise that is can be not so difficult to change.

Find your courage with the difficult to change feelings

When you find your courage inside, there is literally no stopping you as a highly sensitive human being. That inner confidence and knowing is so powerful when we use it to our advantage. It is so debilitating when it is against us.

Do you need help with any of these issues?

My training as a meditation coach and Ki Gong instructor has made it so much easier for me to deal with change now. If you want help with dealing with your highly sensitive nature, I run an online coaching course called the Dream Method.

To see the free webinar, all you have to do is click the link below and this will take you to the webinar. If you want to go further with me with coaching, it is self-explanatory what to do at the end of the webinar.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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