Highly Sensitive People Have A Hard Time Moving On. HSP Series.

Highly sensitive people have a hard time moving on Peter Paul Parker
I am not moving from here!

Welcome to this blog series on highly sensitive people who tend to have a hard time moving on. This can be mentally, emotionally and even physically. We tend to hold on to any experience that triggers our thought processes, our emotions or even our bodies. This definitely causes problems when they are bad experiences, or good experiences that we have lost. They go around and around in our heads, and we can get obsessed with these thought patterns. Sometimes it can feel like a noise in our head that just won’t go away.

Highly Sensitive People And Emotional Upset

Emotional upset still hurts even long after the event. They go around and around in your head, and it seems that the cycles just won’t end. You replay the scene in your head over and over again, thinking of all the different scenarios that could have happened if you acted differently. You go to bed, and then the next morning, the cycle repeats and you think you have found a happy solution in your mind, and then they start up again. This seems common in highly sensitive people, and I know this has happened to me on many occasions.

I am not the happiest of drivers. And driving really can change your temperament. I used to love driving when the roads were quieter, but it seems they are so busy now. When someone cut me up, nearly hit the car, or didn’t indicate their movement, I used to get really angry. When something really bad happened, like a serious cut up from another car, I used to get really really upset, to the point of even boiling over with anger. I did not realise I carried it for the rest of the day inside of me.

HSP moving on
Driving used to make me angry!

My wife pointed this out one day when she said ‘Please don’t let this incident ruin the rest of the day’, when I was badly cut up from another person driving badly. I realised that when someone upset me on the road, it would affect my mood for the rest of the day. I know this is not the most upsetting example of what we hold onto, but it shows that we can hold onto things that have not really hurt or harmed us, and it can ruin the rest of your day, or even days.

Highly Sensitive People And Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart are also very difficult, especially when they are negative. You have a hard time letting go of negative emotions when you are highly sensitive. Emotional pain from an insult to a break up and everything in between, tends to linger on with you. Even when you know that something is not a big deal, these feelings stay with you, haunting you, and continually pulling your focus towards them. The same thing happens here. We have a perpetual cycle happening in our heads, running through so many scenarios, and this is exhausting you.

Meditation and mindfulness are so helpful here. If you really work at your practise, you can bring the mind into the present very quickly and get on with what you are supposed to be getting on with. Meditation and mindfulness is all about focusing the mind. If you practise this well and learn techniques that serve you, you can conquer these negative cycles. Sitting on the side of a mountain in silence is not a good idea, as the western mind and lifestyle finds this nearly impossible. In fact, this can be damaging in some respects, from my experience. It is important to find what suits you.

Highly senstive people have a hard time moving on by Peter Paul parker
Break ups can be really hard on highly sensitive people because we can’t let it go

Highly Sensitive People And Relationships

When we split up from a relationship, which has been close and intimate, this can also cause the cycle of negative thoughts start on an unmerry go around in your head. This affects you on many different levels.

Your physicality with that person will be sorely missed. You will yearn for that back on the material level. Your mind will also miss the stimulation of having someone with you, and your emotions will be hurting because of the loss, or in the way the end happened. Meditation and mindfulness really helps with this also.

We have so many different elements to our experience in this life, and distinguishing between the mind, the body, and the spirit is key here also. If you are having trouble with that, I run a coaching course called the Dream Method that really helps with this.

Highly Sensitive People – How To Move On

How to move on from emotional upset

In the Dream Method we learn how to move on from emotional upset and keep our grace and peace of mind. This is so important in todays world as we become more aware of our imprint on the world and what we can do to stop any bad or toxic feelings being created. Highly sensitive people have a hard time moving on. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How to keep your empathy while moving on

As a highly sensitive human being, our empathy is so important to us, so we learn how to move on from a relationship without losing our empathy or compassion. These are wonderful attributes to us as highly sensitive beings, and this can be lost in the heat of the moment. We learn to respond to life and not react.

How to find the best solution for us

We must always consider all situations careful. Moving on is a difficult subject to breach, and sometimes we need some guidance on what to do next. We should never make a permanent decision on a temporary situation. This is so true when it comes to moving on from a relationship. Highly sensitive people have a hard time moving on. You have the power within to change this.

The Dream Method For Highly Sensitive People

We all need some help at some point in our life, and I have found the Dream Method to be very beneficial not only to me, but the people who have been through the programme.

What happens if you do not do the work to move on peacefully. The same cycles keep going around and around until the same scenario pops up again, and you have to deal with it again. Stop that cycle now. Take action and watch the free webinar for the 5 steps I have created to help you conquer this scenario.

All you have to do is click the link below and you can watch the free webinar explaining the 5 steps of transformation the Dream Method offers. Click the link below and experience the free webinar. I will see you in the webinar. Until then, be well and keep shining.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

The Dream Method By Peter Paul Parker for highly sensitive people

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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