Where does the expression ‘Fire in the belly’ come from?

Where does the expression 'Fire in the belly' come from?

We have all heard the expression fire in the belly, I am sure. But where does that expression come from? We think of fire as heat, warmth and sometimes even danger. Fire can be a life taker or a life maker. I am sure when human kind discovered how to make fire and control it, this changed our whole way of life.

When we look at the principles of my Ki Gong practice, we have the expression ‘Water Up, Fire Down’. This is saying our ideal bodily state is to have fire in the belly. We want a warm abdomen. In fact, we need a warm abdomen, because the more the temperature rises in our abdomen, the more our immune system starts to work. This is why we have fevers. This is the bodies’ reaction to something bad happening in our body.

Your Chakra System

So where does this expression come from? I believe it comes from the chakra system. If you look at the modern chakra colours, which are based on the colours of the light spectrum, the lower three colours are red, orange and yellow. Can you see that all these colours make up the colours of fire?

When our lower chakras are working properly, we have fire in the belly. We have an ideal state of water up, fire down. Which is a cool head and a warm abdomen. This is another western expression taken from the eastern observations of life.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, Be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂


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