Why Is The Colour Blue Considered Cool?

Why Is The Colour Blue Considered Cool?

Why Is Blue Considered Cool?

Why is the colour blue considered to be cool? It is an interesting question. Most people consider the colour of water blue, but it is transparent in nature. Water can also be at boiling point where it evaporates into steam, and this is hot. This is far away from being cool.

In my Ki Gong practice, we have the expression ‘Water Up. Fire Down’. Water up is the ideal movement of energy in the body. Water is considered cooling when it comes to this expression. The best condition the body can be in is a warm abdomen and a cool head. Our ancestors from the East knew this. It is one of the fundamental teachings of my practise of Ki Gong.

Basically, it is scientifically proven that the brain stem works better when it is cool. At the end of my Ki Gong sessions, the back of my neck is always cool. This means that the energy of the kidneys are working properly. The cooling energy of the kidneys are travelling up the meridian to cool the brain stem. Why water is considered a blue colour must come from the oceans and the beautiful blues that it creates. Since practising Qi Gong, I find it easier and easier to achieve this now.

Blue Is The Colour Of Your Throat Chakra

Blue is the colour of the throat chakra, which is the entry gate to your higher energy system. However, we find indigo and violet colours there also. The expression cool head comes from your upper chakra system working in a balanced way. In today’s world, our heads are being bombarded with information. This is heating the head.

Additionally, blue is known to be a cooling and healing colour also. When the blue throat chakra is working properly, your gateway to your higher chakras will be open, so you can experience a cool, calm and collected head. When you find a practice that helps your body find the state of water up, fire down, your material and energetic body start to work in tandem, which is how it should be.

Imagine that. Not having a hot head anymore. Too much unnecessary information in the head will do this. Try to create water up, fire down every day. This will ensure a good energy flow throughout the body. Significantly, when we achieve this, we will create water up, fire down.

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I hope you find your way to having fire in the belly and a cool head. It makes life so much easier.

Be well and keep shining.

Peter. 😊

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