What are the cities inside of your body?

What Are The Cities Inside Your Body?

What are the cities inside your body? I suppose I could be talking about our gut, as this is occupied and consists of elements that are not us. In fact, it is its own microbiome, which isn’t us, but if it wasn’t there, we would not survive on this planet.

I am not talking about your gut. Let’s find out what I am talking about. If you look at your whole body as a country. Countries consist of many different elements, and just for sake of argument, let’s say that the cities are the places where we create the energy for our country.

All the commerce, organisation and instructions come from the cities. For arguments sake, lets take that as a fact for the purpose of this explanation. Our body has cities in them, but what they.

The Cities Inside Your Body Are Your Chakras

I am talking about the ancient concept of the chakra system. What modern science is starting to reveal to us is that our energy body is different to our physical body. Our energy body has its own forms and frequencies that can be measured.

For instance, the heart has the biggest electro magnetic frequency field of the body. And this has been proven scientifically to increase when we focus on love and gratitude. In the chakra concept, this is the heart chakra, where our love, empathy and compassion emanate from.  

We Have 7 Major Cities In Our Body

We have seven major cities in our body, or seven chakras. And much like our physical body, these cities have different attributes. Rather like our senses. Our eyes see, and our ears hear and our nose smells. The chakras have different characteristics also.

The seven chakras are responsible for sending energy around the body. How do they do that? Watch out for the next post. You will see how our energy system of our body, or our country, actually connects.

Do You Want To Know More?

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I will connect with you in the next post, where we look at the transport system of our country.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 😊


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