Are you havng trouble expressing yourself and no one seems to understand you?

Having Trouble Expressing Yourself?

Are you havng trouble expressing yourself and no one seems to understand you? Are you having trouble expressing what you really want to say? Is there so much going on inside your head, you just can’t get it out in an articulate manner? This is a common problem with highly sensitive people, but can happen to anyone.

Personally, I have always thought in concepts, which has multi layers to the idea or issue. This is what we are. We are multi layered and there are many attributes to us that are not immediately apparent.

Going Through Life In Auto Pilot

Many people go through their lives in autopilot and never really try to experience or express this deep understanding inside of them. And those that do try, can find it hard to get out what it is that is inside of them.

I found this very difficult when I was younger after going through a traumatic childhood. And I spoke to many professionals who kept trying to label me with depression and anxiety because of my lack enthusiasm to get involved with the madness we call life.

I used to be very clear that what is happening in the bigger picture is not human nature. And I used to argue that I am not a freak, and that I would not entertain many of the games played in life because it was against my nature. I could express myself well at a very early age, if someone cared to listen.

Some of these professionals actually agreed with me, and some wrote me off as being insane. Either way, I stuck by my feelings and explained my concepts well.

I started to lose this when I became an adult and had to find a way through my life. I see that now, and how this really can stifle the way you actually feel. And how this can stop you expressing yourself in the way that you want to. So, what happens. We give up.

Opening My Throat Chakra

What was so liberating for me was opening my throat chakra. I worked on my lower energy body, and finally when it came to opening my throat chakra, I found my voice again. It was amazing to feel that energy flowing though my body where I could explain exactly what I felt inside, without having to go on and on for hours.

I remember being in a room on a meditation tour of Korea Infront of 1,000 people. I shared what I thought was the essence of our existence. There were people from countries who have been at war for each other in our not-too-distant future. I addressed this. At the end of my short speech, everybody went round the room and hugged each other.

To me, that is human nature at its finest. When we care for and look out for each other. When we can explain ourselves properly with our throat chakra being open, we really express what we mean from the inside.

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I look forward to connecting with you in the next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 😊

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