Is your vision for life unclear and foggy?

Is your vision for life unclear and foggy?

Is your vision for your life unclear and foggy? Have you got a clear focus on what you want to do and how are you going to get yourself there? I remember when I was asked that question, I could only answer what my conditioning had been. Basically, I wanted to be a rock star. And I did not realise that would not be enough.

OK. I wasn’t an enormous rock star, but I did live the life, made it into the Who’s who of British Popular music, was mentioned in music publications and released records. Going through all of that, I was still me, and still experienced the many problems I had going on inside of me.

Music was like a big meditation for me, but the rest of it, I didn’t really like. I didn’t like being recognised in my local supermarket after a TV appearance. I didn’t like my privacy being disturbed when someone recognised me. And I didn’t like having to give my all on stage when I was feeling so tired and wanted just to rest. It was a hard experience, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What Do You Want In Your Life?

Once my music career had finished, this question actually became really important. What do I want in life? I do like my creature comforts, and have always managed to live relatively comfortably. I didn’t need to address that. What did I want?

I actually wanted to look into the mind body spirit arena and see what that had to offer. While being a professional musician, I had outer body experiences and I knew there was more to this existence than just our five sense reality. But what?

I took up the practice of Ki Gong and started connecting more with my energy body. This made me realise that my energy had different elements and attributes to it, rather like my physical body. And as I started to cleanse my energy body, from bottom to top, I started work on my 6th chakra. And then life started to change.

Improve Your Intuition And Vision For Your Life

I realised that this is where my intuition and vision for my life come from. And when I am aligned with that, with an open heart chakra, I can experience life in a far more profound way.

Through my coaching and Ki Gong classes, I have realised that most people are happiest when they are helping someone else. I started my Ki Gong teaching career taking classes in an elderly community centre. I was so taken by the impact I had on them, I started the charity Brighter Living, to help even more people.

Since that time, I have looked for ways to help more people. And this is my 3rd eye chakra really coming into its element. I have set up a coaching course as well as a Ki Gong Academy, where I can help people on many different levels. It is great for me to hear how other people are really improving their lives by getting more connected with their energy body.

Clear Your Foggy And Unclear Focus

The reason I set up the Bright Beings Academy, is to help people use their intuition, vision and natural wisdom to the best of their ability. You can do this too. Click the link below to start your free trial.

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Increased Flexibility – More Stamina –

Better Connection With Your Mind, Body And Soul

I look forward to connecting with you with my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 😊

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