Guide or Guru?

Guide or Guru?

Do You Need A Guide Or A Guru?

Guide or guru? That’s a big question. Firstly, I love speaking with highly sensitive people. I have just had a one to one call with one of my clients and we discussed the problems we face being highly sensitive. One of the issues we had something in common with was how to help other people.

In the Indian traditions, it is strictly the guru. The guru has been through the trainings, the rituals and the scriptures and knows what you are going through and is there to help you so you stick to the path. It is very strict in essence, rather like their temples are very beautiful, but very structured and male oriented.

The Tao tradition would really be a guide. They give you knowledge of the path, guide you when you are moving from the path, and let you go through your own mistakes so you learn not to do that again. It is rather like the South East Asian gardens where you do not know where the garden ends and nature begins. You are aligned to nature and allowed to flow with your own path. But there is a guide when you need one.

Guide Or Guru? It Is Your Choice

I find both the guide and the guru have their own particular importance, but when it comes to helping others, we should always tread carefully. We were discussing free will. And that is where we must be really diligent and discerning.

You should never try to change someone who has the ability to express their free will. But it is asking them the question where do you think that will lead you to? What will be the result of your actions? What hurt or harm would these actions cause someone else?

You Can Be Guide When You Attain Knowledge

Then of course you could share your wisdom on a situation, and even share what you would do in that situation. But never tell them what to do. This is actually the best form of help, as you are not interfering with their free will, but giving them a checking system to make sure they are moving in the right direction.

One of the major problems with highly sensitive people is our ability to communicate. We find it hard to speak to narcissists and sociopaths because they tend to look at us as easy pickings. And unless we have trained ourselves to deal with this peacefully, this can lead to all sorts of problems and issues.

Highly Sensitive People Are Special

Highly sensitive people have an amazing brain. An amazing nervous system. An amazing thought process. It gets muddled up with the heat of the moment and the strong chemical reactions we feel in our bodies from our emotions.

The person I was speaking to today has really grasped this and is starting to live a much more harmonious and peaceful life. It is truly beautiful to see. This makes my heart sing with joy.

So what is best, guide or guru? I would say a bit of both. We all have the knowledge inside of us. We just need to be able to tap into it through our pineal and pituitary gland, both inhabiting the cave of Brahman. What’s that? A place where all the magic happens.

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Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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