What does waking up actually mean?

What does waking up actually mean by Peter Paul Parker

What does waking up actually mean? It is an interesting question as many people are saying this now, even Sting, at one of his latest concerts. But what does it actually mean?

It means whatever the intention the person who is saying it has. But there is a specific meaning to waking up in todays world, and it is directly related to you. How you feel. How you perceive. How you sense. How you are.

Waking Up Has Been A Life Journey

To me, waking up has been a life journey. From feeling there was something really wrong with this world from a very young age, when everything was idylic for me. Even when everything was good for me, I could sense there was something wrong.

Then tragedy struck me with my parents dying when I was very young, sent off to a boarding school run by psycotic monks, and paedophiles were there too. And realising that this was a true hell on earth.

Waking Up To The Sales World

Then going into the business world of sales, and seeing all the sharks trying to take a piece of me. And then finding the music business, which was an amazing 10 years of my life, but also meeting many sharks who just wanted to take from me.

Waking up to all of this made me see that there are good people in this world, and I should cherish those friendships when I meet them. I should also avoid toxic people and keep them outside of my boundaries.

After my music career, I fell into a major head spin as it was just when the push was starting to happen to get the UK out of the EU. I had studied politics at school and the EU was not even mentioned, but I believe we were part of it back in those days. I found this rather odd and extremely concerning.

Waking Up To Corruption

I then started to look into the corruption of the world. And it is literally everywhere. Reading books by Edaward Bernays like ‘Propoganda’ made me realise my instincts as a young child were correct, and I had not trusted myself.

I went into every conspiracy theory trying to debunk them, and realised that some of the major ones were actually true. There is so much rubbish out there also, and the conspiracy theories usually come from the people commiting the conspiracies. Very clever until you wake up to it.

Waking Up Means Getting To Know Yourself Better

Waking up to me means getting to know yourself better. Really knowing your body so you know what is in good balance and what needs to be worked on. Knowing your health state also and keeping yourself healthy and vibrant.

It also means delving deeper into your energy system. Taking up a form of Qi Gong that suites you and keep practicing it until your sensitivity increases and you can feel when a chakra is off. You can also sense when your meridians are not flowing with energy too.

Waking up to me means becoming who you truly are. It is realising your power, your passion and creativity coming from your lower Dahn Jon. Your love, empathy and compassion coming from your middle Dahn Jon. And experiencing your natural wisdom, your vision and intuition coming from your upper Dahn Jon with clarity.

We Are Truly Amazing Beings

We are truly amazing beings, so complex and sophisticated. Waking up means embracing that and making the best of this life, and the lives of the people around you. It means knowing yourself, all your perfect imperfections, and all your strengths too.

Waking up is realising this world is on a much lower vibration than you, and you can experience it on that lower vibration, while keeping your connection to your higher vibrations.

We Need More People To Wake Up

We need more people to wake up to bring this world back into balance. We can explore this wonder together. And we can treat eachother with respect and dignity. I am seeing rage and anger at the moment, and that is going to a place where you are easily controlled and manipulated. Lets end that together.

Lets end being manipulated and controlled. Lets work towards a world where love, dignity and respect is everywhere in our communities.

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I look forward to connecting with you in the next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂


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