Do you feel like a mirror sometimes?

Do you feel like a mirror by Peter Paul Parker

Do You Feel Like A Mirror Sometimes?

A mirror. What does that mean? Life is an amazing experience if you care to look. Included in that experience are good and bad events. It really depends on how you look at them, is how well you cope with them.

I have noticed a trend in my life which I would like to share with you. Two instances have happened recently which made me see that this is more than coincidence. In fact, I am starting to see that there really is no coincidences.

I have now been accused of something that the other person has done to me. Both were accusations that couldn’t be further from the truth. One a little more disturbing than the other.

It made me remember the teachings of Don Juan from the Carlos Castenada books when he talked about humanity being infested with the predator mind. I did not really get that on a larger level as I thought it was just the psycho bankers and corporations who crash and burn everything for their bottom line.

I became the mirror

It is amongst us, and very common. I became the mirror for these people to express what they are really like. Consumed with the predator mind. It is fascinating to see, and something as good souls, to always be aware of.

I do take discovery calls about my coaching course, the Dream Method, where I am very open and honest about my one to one coaching.

And I am also finding I am getting predator mind type people showing up to the calls. I thought it was supposed to be the other way round, where the seller was suppose to be the predator, and the buyer the innocent party.

I put my services out there so people can see what I do. Never in a million years would I want to hurt or harm anybody.

The Essene Mirrors

This also reminds me of the Essene mirrors. I am obviously going through another consciousness shift and seeing this really clearly now. Having been through the lower mirrors and embracing parts of my shadow side for healing, I am now seeing it in others.

Life is truly an amazing experience when you care to examine yourself. That is why I say Journey inwards, succeed outwards.

At the end of my online Ki Gong class last night, one attendee thanked me for the incredible job I am doing. I personally don’t feel like that. And I feel I am duty bound to share what knowledge I have, and learn from everyone I encounter.

Certainly, I do hope you are not suffering from this mirror like activity. Being highly sensitive, this can happen quite often. It just feels like a deeper level to me at the moment and finally I feel no harm from their actions. I learnt this through perseverance and set up the Bright Beings Academy to share my knowledge.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter 🙂

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