Are you ready to embrace Shiva?

Are you ready to embrace Shiva?

Are you ready to embrace Shiva?We all agree we are living in remarkable times. And out technology has overtaken our conscious development in leaps and bounds.

Who predicted that it would turn human beings into walking zombies. I am talking about the over use of cell or mobile phones. Some argue someone did. I am not sure about that, but keep an open mind. I feel that it was a technology introduced to humanity, when it was not prepared for such a quantum leap in technology.

If you have told me as a young boy, I would have told you that you have been watching too much Star Trek when describing the technology of today. And it is only going to get more sophisticated, and even enticing, as time goes on.

What has caused this is the explosion of male energy we have seen for the last few thousand years within humanity. And that energy can be expressed by both male and female.

It is the energy of Shiva, according to the Vedic texts. This is why the Christian religion, which was the dominant force for a while, taught top down energy. Shiva energy coming down. The Holy Spirit coming down. It is much the same thing.

Shakti Rising

And what happened to Shakti. She is rising. We no longer see successful females being more like men than women. We are seeing successful females using balanced energy to take them where they need to be. And it is high time.

The male energy, which is Shiva, is known to be a destroyer. And this energy has been so prevalent, we are seeing a complete collapse of the way things are in our world. In case you are not paying attention, people are losing trust in politics, the banking industry and big corporations etc. They have risen so high on male energy, it is time they were all reigned in.

Shakti is the female energy and is embracing, caring, loving and accepting. We need to see a society with these attributes to survive this technological world we are moving into. Are we ready for this? I say yes.

How To Master Your Energies Inside

In my Ki Gong practise we call it water up, fire down. Water if the female energy and fire is the male energy. We make them balance in the heart chakra, where we can express either male or female energy, but is is coming from a place of love, empathy and compassion always. We can embrace the male energy inside of us, as well as embracing the female.

And we can all be like Jesus, and not tolerate injustice and corruption anymore. It is the time of the great awakening, and great change. It never happens over night, but it is coming. And those of us who are sensitive enough to feel it, are beginning to express it. Many of the people on my group call last week were expressing these sentiments. It is great to be around like minded people at this time.

Go out and embrace Shiva. Bring balance to your heart chakra, and enjoy all the energies you have at your disposal inside of you. Find yourself a good Qi Gong practise and take the journey of self discovery. I say ‘Journey Inwards, Succeed Outwards.’

Do You Need Help Mastering Your Energies

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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