Why Do Empaths Sometimes Lack Energy?

why do empaths sometimes lack energy

Why Do Empaths Sometimes Lack Energy?

Why do we, as empaths lack energy? I am lucky enough to speak with empaths everyday. What a beautiful sense of life empaths have. I definitely fall into the group of being an empath. I used to find myself exhausted all the time with the constant processing of other peoples emotions and feelings.

Empaths are usually highly sensitive. That doesn’t mean being a shrinking violet, or too sensitive to speak to. Basically this means you have a more sensitive nervous system, and your brain processes more information than most people. This in itself makes it difficult to fit in with todays world.

What makes this harder, is that most peoples world is very troubled. We are seeing this all the time now. Additionally, there are many people who need love, empathy and compassion given to them because of their predicament.

Empaths Feel Like They Want To Heal The World

As empaths, our inner programming makes us feel we want to go out and heal the world. What a beautiful thought, and something I was caught up in for many years. As a younger man, I had the energy to bounce through this with an open heart. It is a little more difficult now.

Empaths just keep giving and keep processing until they become exhausted. Altogether, does this sound familiar? In this particular cycle of time on our earth, we are being bombarded with new energy coming onto the planet. More and more people are clueless to what is going on and just becoming more scared. More people who realise what is going on, and stretching themselves too much to try to help.

The pressure is so intense right now, something is going to pop, o we need to do something about it. Don’t let it be you. Reach out and be with other people who understand you and respect you. Moreover, find the energy you need to be an empath to your best abilities.

Empaths Do Not Need To Be Exhausted

We do not need to be exhausted. I personally use and teach Ki Gong, a Korean form of this energetic art form, and this has totally transformed my life. From wanting to help everyone, to really helping people who resonate with me, has changed everything. It is an amazing fact that now, I have more people I see each week than ever before.

How have I achieved this? Basically by focusing on what I want, rather than what society or my upbringing expects of me. Additionally, finding out about who I am. Looking into my past experiences and putting the puzzle together to lead me to where I should be. And day by day, it gets slightly better and slightly easier. Henceforth, this is the process I help others through with the Dream Method.

Empaths Have Beautiful Energy

Empaths are truly beautiful people. To be highly sensitive is actually a treasure you must look after. It is not a curse. Furthermore, find a Ki Gong practise to help you find the energy you want for your life, and get rid of the energy that you do now want.

Everything and the kitchen sink is being thrown at all of us at the moment. And remember the words of Krishna Murti. ‘It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.’

Empaths Will Save The World

What is coming next is not sick. It is a new breed of human full of empathy and compassion. Certainly this will be an opening of the sixth chakra to see more deeply into our reality. Markedly this will be a realisation of what this reality really is. We are right in the middle of it. Do the work on yourself and you will get through this. You have made it this far. That means you are strong. Emphatically just keep going. We will persevere.

How Can Empaths Change Their Energy?

How To Change Your Energy As An Empath

Start to focus on yourself. In my Ki Gong Academy you learn very quickly how disconnected you are from your body. Your body is your antennae to your higher knowledge. Your wisdom, your intuition and your visionary attributes. And it becomes very clear to you, when you are exhausted, the body doesn’t work properly. Equally, Ki Gong will change the energy in the body so you learn to focus on what you want.

How To Use Your Empathy Diligently

We all want to save the world as empaths. But it is much harder work trying to save people swimming away from you, as opposed to the ones swimming towards you. Be discerning where you put your energy. Ki Gong will teach you this. And will help your live by the principle ‘Where your mind goes, your energy follows.’

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Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂


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