Create Your Own Reality. Are You Mad?

Create your own reality

Can you really create your own reality? Lets see. I have had another wonderful experience with one of my students at a Ki Gong session. She came in with the troubles of the world on her shoulders, and talking about all these quite weird and unusual experiences happening to her. She was stressed, shoulders up, frowned brow, speaking quickly and looking very agitated.

We ran through the class and what happened? She was calm, relaxed, felt at peace with herself, felt connected and at one with her energy field. What did she do? She created her new reality after just one hour of focusing on herself. It was a pleasure to see.

Some Things Take A Little Longer To Create

There are some things that take a little longer to create, but your physical state can transform very quickly. Using Ki Gong, I have not only transformed my own life, but it must be over a thousand other people that I have instructed. And that is not an exageration. That is a lot of people, and I love that thought.

It does take effort to transform your body state, but can be achieved relatively quickly. So many people take something up and do not perservere. This is a shame.

Solfeggio Tones And Sleep

I am using solfeggio tones at the moment to sleep with. When using the 741 Hz frequency, it makes such an impact on me. I feel so clear and clean when I wake up every morning. This together with learning an energy torus ki gong routine to stimulate the energy torus around our body is so healing. And I actually did this routine for the student I talked about earlier. I completely lost myself in my energy body while teaching this to the students. I was literally in bliss.

As I get deeper into this, I am really understanding the principles of creating your own reality. We are stuck as a species under the 4th dimension. This can also be know as the astral zone. It is so corrupted it is leaking into our material 3rd dimension.

Annunaki And Archons

So many people are talking about the Anunaki and the Archons, and how they are manipulating us. These are terms to explain what is really happening. If you think of it as energy, it becomes more palatable for most people. Just think of the good and bad energy you can produce. You have a choice. Too many people are creating bad energy at the moment. We are out of balance.

I am seeing first hand what alchemy is. On one level, It is the transference of your consciousness to receive the higher energies that are on offer to us, bypassing the 4th dimension and straight into the 5th dimension and higher. It is not about escaping the planet, or running and hiding from the dark forces, but tuning into the higher frequencies that are available to us. And we can do this with a little work quite easily.

Lower Dimensions Are Worth Your Attention

And it doesn’t work that the lower dimensions are not worth your attention either. They are. The first and second dimension are connected to your root chakra, where you can feel grounded and secure with our mother earth. Most of our root chakras are completely comprimised by the way we live on earth today.

Want To Learn More About this

If you want to learn more about Ki Gong and the solfeggio tones, I do run a ki gong school and have a very short inexpensive course on the solfeggio tones at the Bright Beings Academy. Sound and vibration are the new healing modalities that are coming into our group consciousness once again, and who knows where this will take us this time. I feel deep down inside it is a golden age once again. 🙂

Bright Beings Academy

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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