The Power Of Co Creation

Co Creation In The Modern World

The power of co creation will become more obvious to more people very soon. I feel more people are waking up to the fact that we can actually create our own reality from inside of us. That is not to say we can turn a tree into a frog, or a toad into a prince. Maybe that can happen in your dreams, but there are some constraints in the material world we must consider when making such a statement.

Many people who make documentaries on this, cherry pick deep spiritual concepts, without fully understanding them, and wonder why people walk away and say, that didn’t work for me. It would if you understood what you are supposed to do.

Opposites attract that is true. But like attracts like in some cases also. It really does work. When you start to raise your vibration up the chakra system, you will find yourself talking and mixing with people you used to look at from afar, and ask yourself, how could I be like that?

Stuck In Base Camp

Unfortunately, most people are stuck in base camp. Their lower chakras out of balance, and their mind broken. That sense of freedom and will power almost destroyed and an exhaustion that is undescribable. This is how Don Juan described the human condition in Carlos Castenadas books. A little more elaborate, but essentially the same.

More people are waking up to the fact that we can create our own reality, by raising our vibration and make things happen for ourselves and the people around us in a profound way. We just have to put the effort in and connect.

Personally I have proved that we can do this on a personal level. But what about on a collective level. Imagine what we could create on a global level if we were to all come together and decide, this is what we want.

Ring Of Fire

It has almost been impossible for many years to do this. I remember seeing the ‘Ring Of Fire’ documentary where they found a healer who could ignite some crumpled up paper and push a pencil through a table. No tricks, just facts. This was back in the 1970’s when men used to wear those really short shorts. It was difficult to talk to anyone about that, because it seemed so unreal to people.

Now we are seeing miracles everyday on the internet. People coming together and creating communities and uplifting eachother. We have a problem with our group collective consciousness, and here is why.

We have been lied to for so long, many people are accepting the lies as the truth. And we also have 24 7 news cycles that are peddling FEAR at you. Fear is the worst condition the human being can be in. Our brain and our bodies do not work properly when we are in fear.


Stress is a kind of fear also. And when you see the fact that 95% of illnesses in the human body are caused by stress, we are living in a fear based paradigm.

What deep meditation and spiritual practice brings you is an acceptance of death. And when you are no longer scared of death, what else is there to be scared about. Everything else seems small.

And when our mindset shifts and we see these things as small problems, they tend to clear themselves out of the way quite nicely thank you very much. It is that trust in the universe that we seem to have lost, that makes us grab for survivial.

Co Creation And Moving Towards Love

Imagine more and more of us walking away from fear and moving towards love. A loving nurturing community, that is not a push over, but has a common ethos of helping everyone become the best human being they possibly could be. This is slowly becoming possible. You just have to look and see.

When we realise we are co creators, and accept we, as a material body, are an intrinsic part of this earth we live on, we will be able to create the most amazing world for ourselves. We will be able to co create our reality.

Whats stopping this now. This constant polarisation of human beings by the controlling interests. Every time you turn on the TV or radio, there is someone doing this. I guess I am doing this here, as there will be cynical people thinking what a joke thinking like this is.

I find life an amazing gift. In the Vedas they say chant and be happy. We could chant and be happy.

Learn From Our Ancestors The Power Of Co Creation

Our ancestors did this in their villages and towns. Why can’t we? What a world we would create. Time to create it now. Every day, create the world around you that you want.

And eventually, you will look up from your busy life, and sit back in awe at all the wonderful work you have done.

Sound And Co Creation

Sound is an amazing phenomena. When you realise we are all connected by sound. And we are actually created by it. You can learn more about sound healing here. Sound healings, Qi Gong and meditation are just some of the activities we offer at the Bright Beings Academy. You can also get coaching at the Academy if you are highly sensitive. The coaching course is called the Dream Method. Click the link below to find out more.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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