Collaboration Not Competition

Collaboration not competition

Today we are living in a world of competition not collaboration. Bob Marley was an amazing artist. And in his song Hypocrites, he wrote in the lyric, ‘They cut, cut, cut, against one another’. This is what the enlightened beings of today call the intellect. The intellect is important, but when we allow it to dominate us, it becomes cutting.

And hypocrisy becomes a way of being when we do this. And the intellect has the ability to cut everything around us which leads to loneliness.

I remember way back in my days of being a 20 something and firmly established in my sales job. Earning good money and enjoying all the materialistic experiences that brings you. But I was not satisfied at all and found it exhausting trying to feed my materialistic whims. It suddenly dawned on me that I was living in a world full of hypocrites, and me being one of them.

Competition and Corruption

I had this long talk with my brother about this. He just kept saying this is the way of the world and there is nothing that you can do about it. I strongly disagreed with that statement. I knew then that it was the corruption of the human consciousness that was the problem. Not the way of the world.

I then left my comfortable job, and decided to become a professional musician. This brought its highs and its lows, but I really do love music. And at that time, it was the only thing that was constant and reliablie in my life. I dived into it in a big was and loved the highs and the lows. It was an interesting experience for so many years for me.

Collaboration In Creating Something Beautiful

Recently I have just been at a Krishna Consciousness event in Kent. And the speaker was talking about the world of hypocrisy we live in today. This brought all these memories back to me when I figured this out all that time ago. We live in the Kali Yuga, which is an age of deception and hypocrisy. We will never make any sense out of it, because it is designed that way.

I loved the afternoon I spent with the Krishna’s. We took a chariot around the field where we played guitars, drums and sang songs in a beautiful setting. I felt free and lifted during this time we were together. It is our detachment from this material world that is the hardest thing people find to understand, and it is complicated.

We have an illusionary world, which our ancestors called the mia, that appears to be real. But it isn’t. These are imaginery walls that are put up around you to make you think they are. A great example is what is happening in Europe and the UK at the moment.

Competition In The Financial World

We seem to have countries domininated by financial institutions trying to dictate to countries that are dominated by resources, and they are not complying. That is one of the reasons we are seeing the war at the moment in the Ukraine, and it is all wrong, on all levels. And every time it is the people on the ground that suffer.

We are living in an age of hypocrisy, and the best way out of it is tuning into yourself. You are an antenna for higher vibrations. They are all inside of you. You can pick up on these vibrations anytime that you want, but what is the cost? Letting go of your material world obsession and tuning back to nature. Finding the nature inside of you that is wanting to express itself. We are conditioned from a very early age to abandon this nature in us.

Live Through The Heart And Collaborate

When you live through the heart, connect with your upper Dahn Jon and see the world for what it is, this becomes a little easier to understand. It is a process we must all go through if we want to experience the higher vibrations that are coming onto the planet at the moment.

These vibrations are coming fast now, if you are tuned into them. I am lucky enough to work with people doing this work, and their insights into their lives are amazing. It is a paradigm changer for them. I want more of us to take this journey inside.

The Vedas tell us that we are moving into a mini golden age. Human beings will no longer find it hard to settle their minds and meditate. They will no longer find it difficult to look after their bodies, both energetic and physical. They will no longer find it difficult to eat the right fuel for their body because they know that is what is best for their vehicle.

Tune Into Your Higher Vibrations

Tune into your higher vibrations. Do the work and feel the change inside of you. Let go of this insane world we live in and start to create the world you want around you. If you want lies and hypocrisy, stay in the matrix or Mia. If you want love and peace around you, start the work on yourself and you will attract these people to you.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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