Opening To Old Wounds From The Past – Healing Past Wounds

Opening To Old Wounds From The Past - Healing Past Wounds

Healing Emotional Past Wounds

How many of us are opening to old wounds of the past. That is trying to heal emotional wounds of the past. Recently I went to an amazing Vedic reading session and we were discussing Karma. It is such a complicated issue, there is no way I would cover it here. But what I will talk about is the conversation we had and how important this understanding is.

We were talking about the hellish type planets that are described in the Vedas. Some of the people had a very difficult time getting their heads around this.

And that is because in the Christian culture, not the philosophy or religion, we are led to believe when we commit a sin, we are going to be banished to hell for eternity. Nothing could be further from the truth. And the true meaning of sin is ‘Missing the mark.’ This banishment would be so harsh just for missing the mark.

It was a way of stopping the masses acting in an unruly way, because it was a wild and lawless time when these teachings were being taught. Especially in the time of Jesus. Something extreme needed to be put into place to keep the people in order.

Culture And Religion Are Different Aspects To A Society

This is why we confuse many cultural memes to be religion or spiritual practises. This seems to have happened to all organised religions, and this is a common mistake many of us have fallen into. It is the truth behind it all, not the cultural interference, that needs to be studied and embraced. This will help us heal emotional past wounds.

Human consciousness has definitely risen now, as more of us are seeing how complex life actually is, and how complicated the notion of Karma actually is. And why we should abide by Universal Law.

Don’t forget we are living with a benevolent, all loving source, divine creator or God. Do you really believe a creation would be set up for you to suffer an eternity in some awful place? To me, that sounds completely wrong. And it is somewhat archontic in nature.

Free Will

What we do have is free will. This gives us a choice for our actions. Every action has a reaction. And the cycles just keep going around and around, as we create more and more actions.

Some peoples actions are meant to hurt you, because that is where your lessons come from. That doesn’t justify them in anyway, but it is what it is. Some people’s actions hurt which were not meant to hurt you. That is simply wrong, and Karma will be created by that action. You see, I told you it gets complicated.

That is why I feel it is so wrong to impose your will on another. We have had that now all the way through our modern history of country invading country, for resources, power or greed. We are seeing that now with corporations, where the battle for your attention is raging. And Governments wanting more and more control over you.

This will become past actions and we need to move past this to grow and blossom into the wonderful beings that we are. We need to heal our emotional past wounds and shine.

Heal Our Old Wounds From The Past

Old Wounds From The Past - Healing Past Wounds
We Have A Rich History On This Planet We Can Learn From

This is where we heal our old wounds from the past. We seem to be living in a judgement culture, where everyone is looking to blame someone else for the problems we face. And many of those problems are actually what you are facing in our life. It is the micro and macrocosms showing themselves inside of you.

We all have old wounds inside of us, where it could be outright abuse, to just being told you are useless, countless amounts of times. All of these issues damage you when you are young. Or you may have acted in a terrible way as a teenager, and regret your actions. It is that regret that causes the harm inside of you.

It is time to heal our wounds from the past. Whether they be from your actions, what’s hanging about in your DNA from your parents vibrational influence on you, or your previous life actions. It is time to heal and forgive ourselves of all of this. We need to embrace who and what we are more.

It is true we are heart based beings. And our heart energy is being cut off from the fear of past actions. We believe we are bad people. But is that action permanent? Are you going to do that again? If so, then there is a problem. Mistakes are ok. But learn from them.

Karma And Your World

Karma is a very difficult subject to breach as so many people have so many triggers from it. Always remember to do your best always. Always love yourself. And Love the people around you. Love the stranger in the street. You can open your heart and see where it takes you.

I do feel there is a golden age coming. But it is not coming for all of us. It is coming for you if this is resonating with you. You can make those changes inside of you because it is so much easier to see what is right and what is wrong in todays world. That is, unless you are being sucked in by the lies and manipulations.

Keep working on yourself and growing your understanding of life and your role in it. This will help you be the human being you have come here to be. Amazing. Outstanding. Spectacular even.

How To Heal Emotional Wounds From The Past

The Dream Method

I have created the Dream Method. This is a one to one coach and online course. This is designed to repair emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression. This course is not for everyone. To see if it is for you, click the link and watch the free webinar. Then decide after that what you want to do next. Click the link below.

The Dream Method

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The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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