Do You Behave Like A Rubber Band?

Behaving like a rubber band where you keep bouncing back to your negative cycles

Behaving Like A Rubber Band And Stuck In Negative Cycles

Being like a rubber band, you get stuck in negative cycles. Like a rubber ball, I come bouncing back to you. That is a very old song I believe from the 1950’s. Do you behave like a rubber band, bouncing back to the state you were in after a change. It seems we all do. But what exactly am I talking about.

Everyone is aware we have a material body, but less people are aware we have an energy body. Since discovering the energy body, this has become a fascination of mine. I am very passionate about everyone realising who, or should I say, what they are.

Working on your energy body is just as important as looking after your physical body. Many people are realising this to be true now. With the new science coming out explaining to us that when we have an energy inbalance, this will manifest itself in the physical body. What is amazing is that we have the power to intervene and stop this from happening.

Dowsers And Qi Gong

Last night in my Ki Gong class I took some dowsers. I use these with the intent to discover the energy body of the students who are at the class. At the beginning of the class I explained the Torus energy field of the body and how we are going to increase this in size with tonights class.

I asked for volunteers to step up and be part of this experiment. No one volunteered at first, and then one brave soul did. I stood them in a particular place in the room so they could remember where they stood easily, and walked towards them with the dowsers. The dowsers closed about 1.5 metres away from them.

Once the rest of the class saw what I was doing, they all wanted to be part of the experiment. They all had their turn and all of them had an energy field of between 1.5 to 2 metres distance. They were impressed with that, and then got into the class.

Help Reduce Negative Cycles

I did what I do every Ki Gong class of mine, which is to stretch out the meridians, ignite the chakra system, and get the energy circulation going through the body before doing a moving meditation. The class flew by because everyone was into it. Always bear that in mind, a good energy practise can really reduce negative cycles happening to you.

Then the test came and I reminded them all of the experiment. Most of them had forgotten. I tested them one by one and all of them had increased their energy field by at least double. It was such a pleasure to see the faces of disbelief of what had just happened.

And I appeased any of their scepticism by getting someone who never dowsed before to try. I said you have to clear your mind and your only intention in this moment is to find their energy field. She tried.

Getting To Grips With Your Reality

And low and behold, the dowsers moved slightly when she reached the energy field, and she nearly dropped them she was so surprised that they moved.

So my question still stands. Are you like a rubber band snapping back into the place you were after practising your practise? I feel we all do this, so regular attention to your energy body is needed.

Do You Need Help With Your Negative Cycles?

I certainly did. I seemed to be bouncing back to my old habits frequently until I took up Ki Gong. This changed everything. You can do this too.

Bright Beings Academy

I do run online Ki Gong classes at the Bright Beings Academy if you need help with this. If not, find your own practise and keep increasing your energy body. You will find many things increasing like your intuition for example. You will begin to understand when someone comes into your energy field whether you can trust them or not. It is a big thing in todays crazy world. Click the link below to start your free trial at the Academy.

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Better Connection With Your Mind, Body And Soul

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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