Where’s Your Focus?

Where’s Your Focus?

We must ask ourselves from time to time, where’s your focus? I had an amazing conversation last night with someone who has been attending my Ki Gong classes for about four months now. I will say that one of the three main teachings of the class is ‘Where your mind goes, your energy follows’.

She was talking about her day when she arrived in class yesterday. Then She explained one stressful situation after another. She asked ‘What is going in this world?’ But then she said something really interesting.

I have been through all of these negative experiences today, and actually to be really honest, none of it has really affected me. I did not get involved with anything that was not relevant to me. and let people get stressed out over things they shouldn’t have been getting stressed over.

Her Focus Has Changed

I remember when I first met her 4 months ago, she held her shoulders so tightly. She had a toughness about her face and was very intense. Last night I saw a calm relaxed human being infront of me, taking life in her stride,

She then went onto say that all the training she is doing at the moment seems to be paying off. Then She said it is that principle on the banner stating ‘Where you mind goes, your energy follows’. She said she didn’t allow her mind to get involved with the stressful situations that she was witnessing, but helped when she was needed.

I was so happy, my heart was beaming. Another human being waking up to her true potential and not being bogged down in this material world we are living in.

Where’s Your Focus And Do You Need To Change it?

Where’s your focus now? What some people seem to have a problem with, is that they do not seem to realise that this is your journey. And you are the star of your show. But if you want people to be around you, you must treat them like they are the star of their show. Then you both have a mutual respect for each other.

And while being the star of your show, if you treat people with no respect, you will have a very low quality supporting cast in your movie. All of this is so important.

The Star Of Your Show

So my question for you is are you focusing on being the star of your show at the moment? Are you being your best version? Are you training your mind and body to focus on what you want, rather than what stresses you out?

Find a practise that helps you grow. I love what I teach obviously, but its not for everyone. You can DM me if you want to know more about it. But make sure your practice becomes part of your lifestyle.

The person I am speaking about earlier trains with me 3 times a week, comes on group calls and is really looking to heal herself. I love that dedication, because it took me years to realise that. I have always been slow to drink the water, even though I was led to it many years ago. Now I gulp it up like there is no tomorrow.

Always remember, where your mind goes, your energy follows. It sounds easy but it isn’t. Just watch the next big thought that comes into your head, and see if you can let it pass, or unpack it and lead to thinking. It is an easy challenge and something you can practise moment to moment.

Do You Need Help With Your Focus?

The great thing about Qi Gong is that you can learn it very easily online. It is difficult to master but easy to get started. That is why I have set up the Bright Beings Academy.

Bright Beings Academy

At the Bright Beings Academy you can start straight away on improving your focus. and the best part about this, is that it is free to join for the first two weeks. All you need to do is click the link below and go to the membership site.

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Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂


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