Restoring Your Essence By Peter Paul Parker

Restoring Your Essence

Someone asked me once what does restoring your essence actually mean. I was suprised at the question because I thought it would be common knowledge that our essence would be known as our life force energy. But why do we need to restore it?

From a very early age, we are conditioned. I am not saying that is a good or bad thing, but we are conditioned. And in the Vedic scripts they talk about your conditioned soul. The Vedas also talk about the super soul, which is our direct connection with the source, the creator or God. That creator energy is inside of us.

How Do We Loose Our Essence?

How do we loose our essence and become stuck in this mundane material world? Firstly, we feel that we need to chase exciting experiences, which is all good fun when you are young but leads to burn out and frustration. I really know about that when I was running around the country in a van touring as a musician. Great fun, but it burnt me out.

We seem to loose connection with our body. Our body holds so many answers for us to slowly uncover the mysteries of life. Our meridians, chakras, aura, torus field, in fact all the the elements that make us up is deep, complex and fascinating. When we loose connection with our body, we loose connection with all of these elements of us.

Restoring Your Connection To You

Restoring your essence means restoring your connection to all the elements of you. Not just your chakra system, or your meridians, but all of you. This will make you whole and complete. This will also give you clear vision to live the life we are supposed to live, not the life we are conditioned to live. There is a big difference there, and we need to be able to see this clearly.

Some research came out of Detroit quite a while ago and it looked into why the youth of that area were ageing way too quickly. They were checking the telemeres and what was happening to it in Detroit. They found it to be bad diet and Wifi that was detrimentally affecting the telemeres on their DNA and therefore making them age prematurely.

Living In A Toxic World Loses Our Essence

We are living in a toxic soup at the moment, and unless we radically change our ways and human health comes before profit, this trend will continue. It doesn’t have tobe like this with you.

I have found that simply tapping all over your body every day helps to stimulate your DNA and in particular, your mitochondria, which is responsible for creating new energy in the body. This is important because old energy becomes stagnant in our bodies and we need to keep changing it. This is a fantastic way of restoring your essence.

How To Restore Your Essence

All over body tapping

All over body tapping not only helps to strengthen your bones, but also stimulates your bone marrow production for healthier cells. But most importantly in context with this article, it creates new energy in the body by stimulating your mitochodria. It is very important to do this everyday.

Box Breathing

We are all breathing in a much shallower manner in todays stressful world. We breathe deeply for many reasons and when we breathe in a shallow manor, we lose our connection with ourselves. That is, we lose touch with our essence. Breathing in a slow and control manor every day will enable you to restore your essence.

Monitoring Your Thoughts

We all have good days and bad days and it is important to monitor your thoughts when you are working on yourself. This will highlight the negativve cycles you are experiencing, but also remind you of all the progress you have made. Good news makes a good brain.

Do You Need Help To Restore Your Essence?

Do you need help with this, check out the Bright Beings Academy and you will find a really simple mini course to help you stay on track. Click the link below for the mini course. Or you can go over to my You Tube channel and find a tapping sequence that you can use. Do this and restore your essence. Be the human being you came here to be, and shine. Goodness me, this world needs you now.

The Dream Method

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Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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