Are we losing our loving nature?

Losing our loving nature by Peter Paul Parker
Are You Losing Your Loving Nature?

Are You Connected To Your Loving Nature?

The question is ‘Are we losing our loving nature?‘ I am blessed to speak to new people every week who seem to be more connected with their loving nature. I am also blessed to see people I have known for years every week. It certainly gives me a wonderful balance of familiar and new. And that is what life is all about, balance.

I have noticed that many people are so disconnected from their heart, and that it is really sad to see. As I seem to be surrounded by Highly Sensitive people and empaths, I actually live in a beautiful place. But what happens when our empathy and compassion gets pushed to its limits.

Fight Or Flight State Disconnects Us From Our Loving Nature

I would say your body goes into fight or flight mode. And many people read this kind of information and go yeah yeah yeah, the nervous system, I know all about that. But do they? Our bodies are our antenna to this five sense material world, and if your antenna is not working properly, your body will be out of balance and fall into disease.

For many years I thought I was healed and was really only fooling myself. Until I started putting courses together and really learning about our bodies and our minds, I was not healed properly. And I would say healing is an ongoing process until you reach what the Tibetans called your rainbow body of light.

A Materialistic Viewpoint To Life Disconnects You From Your Loving Nature

Coming back to a more materialistic view point of this. I am starting to see we have all been affected by our childhood and we are all carrying some sort of trauma from that. And if left to its own devices, this will start to manifest in a detrimental way for us. We should never let anything get stuck in our bodies for too long.

But why? Because stagnant energy will lead to a stagnant system. When we are in fight or flight mode, no matter how small that may be, we are pushing the blood and energy to our limbs and outer body. This will disconnect us from our heart and all the wodnerful things that make us human beings.

A Hot Head Disconnects You From Your Loving Nature

While this is happening, the heat will rise to your head, causing a hot head and headaches, while the coldness sinks to your belly, causing numbness, weakness and making you feel you are in survival mode because of the discomfort.

This is the wrong way round. We need to have water up and fire down. Water up is the feminine energy, which in the Vedas is known as Shakti energy. This is nurturing and healing. Fire energy is male energy and damaging when left to be out of control.

Shakti Rising Promotes Your Loving Nature

When we look at the balance of the human body, we have Shakti rising and Shiva falling and meeting in the middle of you, your heart chakra. This is where you will be at balacne with yourself and your energies inside of your body. When you meditate and practice your energy based exercise system, and focusing on these very principles, you will begin to feel this.

You will feel your empathy, compassion and love growing in a proper and balanced way. You also become more discerning and realise that you can’t help everyone, but the ones you can help, you bend over backwards to.

Our Loving Nature Has Always Been There

We are not losing our loving nature. It is and always will be there. We all have a choice to choose love or fear. Fear will disconnect you from your heart. Love will connect you to your heart. Love is very powerful, but the word love, like many words in our civilisation, has been messed up. I am not talking about the Hollywood version of love, I am talking about the real love inside of you.

How Do You Stay Connected To Your Loving Nature

Start connecting with yourself

Take the journey inside. Learn how to do an energy based practice where you can feel the energy in your body, and change it accordingly. You will be surprised what a difference this makes to you and your loving nature.

Connect more with nature

Nature is us and we are nature. We are deeply connected to the natural world. When we accept this fact, life begins to look much more healthier. Like nature, we have our own cycles and rhythms. When we learn to accept these, everything becomes that much easier.

Hold onto your grace

Your grace is one of the most important elements of you. And you need to protect it. Sometimes it is easy to blow off steam from a hot head, but this doesn’t really help anyone. And actually, sometimes it is necessary. But when you learn how your body works, you can be like the antelope that has just been chased by a lion and escaped. The antelope goes straight back to grazing with no further issues.

Do You Want Help Holding Onto Your Loving Nature?

I have created an online course that will help you keep your loving nature by understanding your highly sensitive nature. It was written on the temples of the Indus valley ‘Know Thyself.’ The Dream Method will help you with that self discovery journey. The course is designed for highly sensitive people, empaths and intuitives.

It is not easy, but if you choose to do nothing, nothing will change. That is why I only take people who are ready to make the commitment to change. You can follow the link below and that will take you to the free webinar to see if the Dream Method will resonate with you.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

Connect with that love and shine like the star that you are. That would be my takeaway for you. You have a choice and you can do this.

Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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