Is Your Consciousness Evolving?

Consciousness evolving by Peter Paul Parker

Is Your Consciousness Evolving?

Do you feel your consciousness is evolving? I have seen some wonderful results in my time as a Ki Gong instructor. This is why I love what I do. Never in a million years would I have believed I would be doing this. But it is the results that make me realise this is something I have to do.

I have two wonderful Irish ladies coming to my local Ki Gong classes every week. And every week I see them connecting with themselves more. And every week I see them less stressed and anxious and more positive and open. It appears that the Irish have a very wise DNA lineage when you speak to them, but I am talking about something different here.

Is Technology Making Us Lose Connection With Our Consciousness Evolving?

When we look how technology has entered our lives and it has caught us on the back foot as a species, it is quite breath taking. Mobile or cell phones are an amazing invention but they do come with drawbacks. The EMF’s they produce are actually harmful to us, which so many people seem to just ignore. And they have all but destroyed conversation for so many people. These are just some of the drawbacks.

This is making many You Tubers and internet gurus claim that we have not raised our level of consciousness to keep up with the level of technology we have. But what if it were the other way round. I would say that we have not tuned into our consciousness yet to be able to cope with the technology being produced today.

Is Our Consciousness Evolving Being Interfered With By Our State Of Body?

With so many studies on the body and the brain that shows us the brain and the body doesn’t work properly when we are stressed, anxious or even depressed. Our bodies are our antennaes to consciousness. If our bodies are not working properly, we will not be accessing the higher levels of consciousness we are all capable of.

It seems that violence and crime is on the rise. It is easy to fiddle figures and make them show whatever you want them to show. What if I were to say it is actually becoming more unacceptable to have violence and crime around us. And I am not diminishing what people go through when they are violated by another human being. I have just interviewed Madeleine Black because I feel her story of being raped at 13 needs to be aired.

Is Our Consciousness Evolving For A Higher Purpose?

It seems that more people are connecting to their higher consciousness and are now speaking out about all the nasty aspects of our society has to offer. This is a good thing. I had enough of it many years ago, which made me look into the mind body spirit arena many years ago for answers. But I would not say our consciousness is evolving, I feel more of us are tuning into it.

We are in the midst of great change. What the Vedas call the Age of Kali. A time when decpetion and lies are common place. But in that age, there is a short 10,000 year golden age, where you can learn to tune into your higher consciousness much easier, because of the state of the world around us. That is becoming so clear to me day by day.

Can I help My Consciousness Evolve?

You can do this for yourself. Pesonally, I found an amazing Ki Gong practice which helped me get deeper into meditation, mindfulness and exercise. It really is helping me tune into my higher consciousness. Whatever resonates with you, do it. But it must involve you connecting more with yourself. Accepting who you are, working on your weaknesses, and building on your strengths.

When more people tune into their higher consciousness, this will create a resonance around the world. And then from changing yourself, you will see the world change around you. But it starts at home. That is your body. Tune in to your higher consciousness. It is worth the effort.

How Do I Evolve My Consciousness?

Connect with yourself

When we disconnect from our bodies, we also disconnect with our consciousness. It is becoming more and more apparent to people that our consciousness is intertwinned with our bodies, while we are experiencing this material realm. Knowing your body and its condition is key to raising your consciousness.

Focus on what you want in your life

We have all been swept up in the heat of the moment at some point in our lives, and this effects us, sometimes for a life time. We then fall into victim mode and run round these endless cycles thinking this is the way life is. No it isn’t.

It is so important for you to focus on what you want. It is painfully obvious what you don’t want, but not obvious what you do. Work on that.

Respond to life rather than react

Reacting to life can lead us into places that can get us hurt. We don’t like being hurt. When we respond to life, we are coming from a place of grace. We are considering every aspect of the situation, and trying to find a solution that is best for everyone. That is always your best response.

Do you need help evolving your consciousness?

I know it was really difficult for me to face the facts that I needed to do so much work on myself to evolve my consciousness. Maybe you are getting that feeling that I had. Taking a big gulp, and asking yourself, ‘Where on earth do I start?’ You need to move on this, or nothing will happen.

I have created an online coaching course called the Dream Method. I guide people to help them evolve their consciousness, respond to life rather than react, and focus on what they want. To see the free webinar to see if it resonates with you, please click the link below.

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It is a facinating journey you take when you decide to work on your consciousness. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best on your journey,

Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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