The Dream Method

Th Dream Method - Journey Inwards Succeed Outwards
Th Dream Method – Journey Inwards Succeed Outwards

What Is The Dream Method?

The Dream Method helps you to use your intuition as a tool to repair emotional childhood wounds, soothe your anxiety and alleviate depression. This course is really important in todays world, because if you are like most people I speak to who are suffering from unrepaired childhood wounds, the number one problem holding them back from seeing these problems clearly as an adult, is emotional exhaustion.

Letting this continue, your self-criticism will get worse, your processing of thoughts and emotions will lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, and your boundaries will be continually compromised. Those emotional childhood wounds are still affecting you.

The Numbness Trance

The numbness trance by Peter Paul Parker repair those emotional childhood wounds
Suffering From The Numbness Trance

If this sounds familiar, you are probably struggling with what I call the numbness trance. You end up burying your emotional childhood wounds, then feeling nothing at all because of emotional exhaustion, and then doing nothing about it because you feel numb.

Luckily, during this article about the Dream Method, I am not only going to give you a proven system for overcoming emotional exhaustion, you’ll also discover a secret way to turn your negative thoughts into positive outcomes. Alleviate stress and anxiety. Overturn feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

And how to use your emotions as a compass to ignite your determination and find your profound purpose. A previous client said this to me about this system. ‘The improvements in my life, attitude of mind, emotions and motivation have been so positive’.  

Do These Questions Relate To Your Life

  • Are you Feeling damaged and incomplete from childhood experiences?
  • Is the noise in your head from your emotions and feelings making you withdrawn and isolated?
  • Is Having no boundaries to your compassion leaving you feeling lost and vulnerable?
  • Are you suffering broken sleep patterns because you cannot stop thinking or analysing?
  • Are you unable to make clear decisions because of brain fog caused by anxiety?
  • Are you unable to accept change because you are fearful, agitated or anxious?
  • Does your high sensitivity feel like a weakness that other people will take advantage of?

What Have You Done To Solve These Issues?

You’ve probably tried a few things to solve these problems. This could be speaking about your issues and problems with professionals and friends. This can take a long time to come to any sort of solution, and even after years, these issues and problems are still there. Sometimes this can help, but not always solve the problem.

I spoke to many professionals in the field of psychology after the death of my mother when I was 11 years old. They kept trying to label me with depression and tell me that what was happening in the world was human nature.

The constant wars, the endless arguing and fighting amongst my brothers and the betrayal I felt from the loss of my mother was not my nature. It actually felt alien to me. Most of the professionals actually agreed with me. This method did not work for me.

The Dream Method Is A New Method

You can get more and more frustrated with the old method because you are staying stagnant and not changing. Frustration leads to anger, and eventually to you giving up on any solution that is out there for you.

Fortunately, there is a new method that will help you stop feeling damaged from emotional childhood experiences, and stop the oncoming anxiety and depression. It’s called the DREAM method.

And it is specifically designed to help with your emotional childhood wounds. Soothe your stress and anxiety quickly. Overturn any feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. And alleviate your depression.

Are You Sceptical Already About The Dream Method?

I know this all may sound a little crazy to you and I do understand if you are a little sceptical after hearing all of this. I would encourage that. It means you are already tuned into your intuition, which is great. Please stay with me for a little while longer because I want to show you how people like you are using this method to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, alleviate stress and anxiety and have overturned feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. 

Becoming A Dahn Master Made Me Realise I Should Create The Dream Method

During the time I trained to become a Dahn Master, I have developed the Dream method that is helping people like you repair childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression faster than they thought possible. Now I want to reveal this method to you. Let’s go over what we are going to cover.

Lets break down the Dream Method and see how this will transform your life into the human being you deserve to be.

The Five Steps Of The Dream Method

Step 1 of the Dream Method – Discoveries

Step 1 is how to transform your negative thoughts into a positive outcome by using your depth of thought and insight. Let me ask you, does your continual thinking become a noise in your head that gets louder and louder?

Does your overthinking keep bringing up the same negative thoughts? Do your feelings and emotions send your thoughts spinning out of control? Does this leave you stressed, anxious, unfocused? Or even worse.

Depressed, inactive and thinking there is no way out. Our mind naturally wants to keep moving. When you let the mind run out of control, negative feedback happens inside your head, and this feeds itself and gets louder. I know I have been there.

There is a way out

Let me tell you something. There is a way out of this. I know because I have been there.  Climbing what I saw to be an enormous mountain, then realizing it was not that big after all, once I had broken through my resistance to change. Imagine discovering what the overload of activity in your head is actually doing to your body, and then giving you the insight to turn this negative reaction around. Here’s the way out.

It is as simple as monitoring your reactions to negative thoughts and emotions. Stop for a moment, become aware of your surroundings. Discover that there is no actual danger approaching. It is just these negative thoughts and emotions that are making you feel anxious. There are many simple tools that will help you realise this. Take time for yourself and slow down. It may seem hard at first because of the hectic way we all live. When you apply yourself to these simple tasks, magic happens.

Turn Anxiety Around Quickly

Now you know when you discover why anxiety is happening in your body, you can turn that around and feel calmer and more in control. You can now see what is happening negatively and turn that around into something positive. This can happen quickly when you learn to use your focus in the right way. Rather like a singer with terrible stage fright. Do you think they let those butterflies ruin their performance? No. They turn those negative feelings into positive ones by transforming the energy of the butterflies being created in the pit of their stomachs, into energy that will deliver an amazing performance.

There are times when there is too much information running around in your head for you to focus properly. Many things going wrong at once, and you don’t know what to do next. This can happen and the good news is, this is easily healed in step 2.

Step 2 of the Dream Method – Realisations

Step 2 is how to alleviate stress and anxiety quickly by shifting energy away from your head by grounding. Too much energy in the head happens because you are not grounded. If you think of the energetic make up of your body being like a pyramid, it is designed to have a strong base and pointed top. 

Upside down pyramid can be changed with the Dream Method
We become like an upside down pyramid

What happens when you have too much information in your head, you become like an upside-down pyramid?  This will definitely make you a hot head. This can make you fearful, agitated and snappy. You get headaches easily and you tend to bite people’s heads off at the drop of a hat. The brain is very sensitive to heat. When your head overheats you will get headaches, brain fog and a lack of clarity. You can change this, and here’s how.

Clear the fog with the Dream Method

Imagine being able to clear the fog, stop this kind of headache, and have clarity of thoughts and emotions. Then Imagine losing the fear, and stop being agitated and snappy. Imagine yourself like a pyramid, strong, stable and calm inside. And immovable to outside influences. Luckily there is a simple solution where you flip the pyramid and have the strong base you desire.

Be like a pyramid with the dream method
Live with a strong base and a light top by grounding yourself

Grounding yourself and being in the present  is easy really. Notice the screen you are looking at now. See the desk, the lamp, the window that is also in the room you are in. Start to notice the details. Bring yourself into the moment.

Become very aware of what is around you. Another way is to walk out on the grass with bare feet. Negative ions come from the earth and into your body through your acupressure points on your feet to calm the overload of positive ions that are in your body. There are many more ways to ground yourself, but this is a great starting point.

Grounding yourself has so many benefits

Grounding yourself has so many health benefits. What happens is you become the responsive you, rather than the reactive you. You become a calm presence. Then you can think clearly. And you see negative thoughts more clearly and deal with them properly.

You now see you have the power of your own intuition to recognise the triggers that make you reactive and stop them. The you realise your stress and anxiety are now under your control. And you see that a little stress is actually a good thing to motivate you to take action.

What happens when you clear your head of negative thoughts, and ground yourself properly, but you still half believe you’re not worthy, suffering from low self-esteem, or that there is something wrong with you? This is answered in step 3.

Step 3 of the Dream Method – Embracing

Step 3 is how to get the best out of life by overturning any feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. These negative belief systems can be like a stone sitting on top of you. Heavy, tiring and sucking the life out of you. Making you feel unworthy of a good life.

Making you feel like you have low self-esteem, and actually believing there is something wrong with you. Personally, I had created some spectacular moments in my music career, and I was so attached to that being who I am. When my career was over, I felt completely lost. I believed I was only a musician. But I am so much more than that.

Being attached to your previous self will hinder your progress, keep you trapped in your negative belief system, and not allow you to see what is available in front of you.

Break out of negative habits

I had a friend who created a theme for a TV channel and he sat around drinking in the pub all day. When the tune stopped being used, his income dried up. He was lost as to what to do next, as the theme tune market is highly competitive. Being very attached to his success and not really open to what else he was capable of. He saw the change as a negative thing and not a positive one, which was to break him out of a negative habit.

Imagine seeing everything In front of you as a world of endless possibilities. Imagine embracing your life and empowering yourself to take back control of your destiny.

Use your intuition

Using your intuition as a compass to guide you. You can release yourself from the feelings of being unworthy, having low self-esteem, and thinking that there is something wrong with you. Here’s how you embrace the new you.

Losing old belief systems and creating new ways for yourself is key here. Focus 100% on the new you, and let go of any hindrance from the old you. Your imagination is a very powerful tool, and we tend not to use it once we become adults. Take yourself back to your child like imagination. See the wonder in the world and embrace that wonder and majesty.

Your mind is a powerful tool but a lousy master

Your mind is a very powerful tool, but a lousy master. Given half the chance, your mind stops you moving out of old belief systems. With very simple techniques of focusing where you want to go, you will create the life you want. Write your goals down. Live with them for a while. Use your intuition as a compass to guide you.

After steps one and two, your focus is stronger. Now you are focusing on what you want and will embrace the change you are creating. You will be adaptable to change and transformation.

Your sense of wonder grows

Once you really get this step, your sense of wonder grows. You realise that you are the creator of your life. Your response to life grows deeper and your reactions disappear until they are necessary. Like running from a tiger for instance.

This is an important life or death reaction when a tiger is approaching you. You are now in charge of when you respond and when you react. Your feelings of low self-esteem, not being worthy and that there is something wrong with you disappear, as you embrace the wondrous possibilities in your life.

What if your determination and drive is off and you can’t really feel or sense what you want so clearly? You will find the determination and will power once you answer this question intuitively. What question? I answer this question in step 4.

Step 4 of the Dream Method – Actualisation

‘What do you actually want?’ Many of the people who have worked with me could not answer this question clearly at first. Today’s world has created goal setting from outside influences. Having had a music background, I hear young people being asked what do they actually want? Many people say they want to be famous. Then you ask them what do you want to do, to make you famous? They will answer, I don’t know, I just want to be famous.

This is outside goal setting. They are caught in the illusion of glamour and a perceived high life. They don’t see the hard work that it can take to get you to those lofty heights. I know how hard this can be, running up and down motorways in the middle of the night to get home from a concert. It never felt that glamorous but it was what I wanted to do at that time. When you realise what is happening with your thoughts, you start to focus on what you want. This comes from the inside. 

You can the question ‘ What Do I Actually Want?’

Imagine being able to answer the question ‘What do I actually want?’  Imagine being able to create the life you want coming from inside of you instead of coming from an outside influence or condition. Then imagine saying to yourself ‘This is what I want!’ How amazing would that be. You can do this by finding your inner compass, your intuition and let it guide you. It’s not difficult when you know how.

Thoughts are light and dry while emotions are juicy and weighty.  Use your emotions as a compass to guide you. Now you have learnt to really focus on your emotions, let them guide you to where you want to go. You will immediately feel better.

This comes from the inside

This comes from the inner you, the real you. Not the outside goal setting illusions that many of us fall for. Experience your emotions clearly now. Let your positive emotions guide you like a compass. They will take you there. Where your mind goes your energy follows. Use your energy to focus on what you want in your life. 

Realising what you want for your life is a real time to celebrate. You can see what you want. Then you can see where you want to be. You can see what you need, and what you don’t need to get you there.

My life has been like a roller coaster ride. Through the ups and downs, I realised one thing. I wanted to be free. Free from sleepless nights. You’ll be free from emotional childhood wounds. Free from anxiety and depression.

Achieving clarity and there is still something missing

When you achieve all this clarity and insight, do you feel there is still something missing? Is there still something inside of you that needs to be fulfilled.

Even when life starts to move in the right direction, something can still feel off. The good news is once you have conquered these 4 steps, there is something more to find. We answer this in step 5.

Step 5 of the Dream Method – Making this your own

Step 5 is how to use your depth of thought as a super power to define your profound purpose. Many people I speak to are looking for their profound purpose. Not just asking the question ‘What do I want? But ‘Why am I here?’ They are looking for something more. Something deeper to give their life meaning. Something bigger to give their life purpose.

Purpose is not something that you find from outside. It comes from inside. I am not talking about this grand thing. This is actually really simple. Thinking your purpose is this big grand thing leads to depression, frustration, and overwhelm.

Your profound purpose comes from within you

Always remember your profound purpose comes from within you. I’m not saying that your purpose won’t be grand, because it could well be. Remember the old proverb ‘The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.’ You are the one to take that first step. And you are the one to give your life purpose. You are the one to give your life meaning. But how?

Imagine living a life full of meaning and purpose. Imagine using your intuition, your depth of thought and sensitivity to guide you to this wonderful place. Imaging being in extended states of joy, and not worrying about the short feelings of happiness, that come and go like the seasons.

Tuning into your life with sound

This will happen when you become in tune with your life. Just like music, if part of the orchestra or band is out of tune, the whole piece of music will sound off. Imagine being in tune with yourself. Being uplifted by walking through nature and using your senses to really be at one with your surroundings.

Really start using your ears

Using your ears to hear the wind in the trees, the sounds of the birds singing, the rustle of the leaves under your feet. Or you can really listen closely to some inspiring music, with positive lyrics that get you singing ‘Don’t worry about a thing, everything little thing is going to be alright’. Well, it is. Using your voice, as well as your ears, which are important senses, for you to resonate with yourself and the world around you.

When you reach this step, and have raised your intuition, depth of thought and emotions to realising how amazing you are, you will become in tune with yourself. What you want, why are you here and what is your profound purpose will become clear to you. It is not coming from outside of you anymore. It is coming from inside of you.

Creating the life you want

Creating the life you want by creating it from the inside of you is where this step will take you to. And I am sure that you will agree with me, that this is a really exciting step.

Are You More Confident Now?

Knowing what you know now, do you feel more confident you can repair your emotional childhood wounds? Can you see yourself using these steps I showed you today to help you soothe your anxiety and start living a less stressed life?

Even if you cherry pick these steps here, would you say that our time together here today has been well spent. Would you like to spend even more time together going deeper into how to repair your emotional childhood wounds? We could go a little deeper into how you can soothe anxiety and alleviate depression too. Does that sound good to you?

Or Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Maybe your mind is feeling a little busy now, thinking how are you going to do all of these steps. That’s why I want to ask you a question, if that is ok with you. We have some time left and I want to go over an incredible gift that I want to offer you for free that I feel will really help you.

Something that will help you go through these 5 steps faster and take all the guess work out of the process and make it a whole lot easier and clearer.

Here to help if you need it

What I have done is set aside some time in my calendar over the next few days to personally help you use your intuition as a compass to guide you absolutely free of charge. I will personally help you identify what is holding you back.

This call is for you if you are serious about wanting to repair your emotional childhood wounds. If you are serious and really want to soothe your anxiety and alleviate your depression. This call is for you if you are seriously looking to expand your intuition and use it like a compass to live a successful life, in whatever way you view success.

But this may not be for you

If this is not you, then no hard feelings, but if this is you, then this call is definitely for you. I invite you to book your free intuition discovery session by clicking the button below the video you are about to watch, filling out a short form and scheduling your call with me. All you need to do is click below for the free webinar.

If you are in full screen mode, whether on desktop or mobile, you need to exit full screen mode and scroll down to find the button. Once you have done that, you can click the button and follow the instructions on the screen.

This call is definitely not for you if…..

This call is not for you if you can’t devote any time, money or energy to going through this unique dream method. Also, if you are not 100% committed to repairing childhood emotional wounds, soothing your anxiety and alleviating your depression. Also, if you are not 100% committed to following the plan to get you the results you desire.

This call is for you if…..

However, if you feel that this call is for you, I am looking for a couple more people who are wanting to repair their emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety, and alleviate depression.

I am looking for people who want to end those sleepless nights because of a busy head, end the feelings of being overwhelmed with the number of thoughts and emotions to process, and who want to enjoy their depth of emotions and feelings rather than thinking there is something wrong with you.

Are You In The Maybe Category?

You may find yourself sitting in the maybe category. Maybe you should book a call, maybe there’s something here for me, maybe, maybe, maybe. Being in the maybe category usually means there is something getting in the way of you saying yes. This is most likely down to one of the following reasons.

I don’t know if I have the time

Yes, time is precious in today’s busy world. We all have 24 hours in every day. It’s not down to how much time you have, it is what you do with your time. Write down everything you do in a day, and you may well find one thing in that list that is not really helping you. Cross that out and put in the short webinar and then the intuition discovery call. My point is, time is what you make it, and I am sure that you will find it valuable to book a call with me. You can do that by clicking the button below, and repair those emotional childhood wounds.

This may be too hard for me to do

You may well have felt like that when learning to ride a bike. The reason it looks hard at the moment because you are looking at this like a huge obstacle. Rather than looking at the whole picture, let’s just take our time and work this out bit by bit.

The reason this is broken down into steps is so that you don’t have to know what is in step 5 until you have completed step 4. We can go through what happens in step 1 by watchong the webinar, scheduling that call with me by clicking the button below. We can then create your customised game plan which will be easy for you.

This may not work for me

Yes, I know that feeling. And as I mentioned earlier, it is good to be sceptical. I definitely felt this as I was going through and working out these steps. But where it took me was to places, I could not even imagine. I can safely say that I have also taken other people to the same place using this method.

If you want to repair emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression, book the call by clicking on the button below, watching the webinar and then schedule the call with me. I will be able to ease your sceptical thoughts and go through what we can do to help you with your situation.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

No Action Means No Change

If you have come this far with this article there must be something resonating with you. Watch the webinar, it is free.

The Dream Method For Change

Repairing emotional childhood wounds

Soothing anxiety

Alleviating depression

Using your intuition to find your profound purpose

And live the life you want to

Who wouldn’t want that. Click the button below to watch the webinar.

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