Qi Gong At The Bright Beings Academy

Qi Gong (Ki Gong) chanpions in Korea 2026 Peter Paul Parker Learn Qi Gong At the Bright Beings Academy

Learn Qi Gong At The Bright Beings Academy

Why not learn Qi Gong at the Bright Beings Academy. The wonderful thing about Qi Gong is that it is easy to learn, but hard to master. This keeps the challenge up when it comes to mastering your energy. But you can feel the benefits really quickly, even with your first class. More people are waking up to the fact that health is the new wealth, and Qi Gong is the most fun way to keep your body healthy that I have found.

In 2016, I became a Qi Gong champion at the Kookhak Ki Gong competition in Korea in 2016. The British team entered the International competition and won. And you may want to know what is the difference between Qi gong and Ki Gong.? Qi Gong is the Chinese way of pronouncing it and Ki Gong is the Korean way. I learnt Qi Gong the Korean way.

What Is Kookhak Ki Gong?

Kookhak Ki Gong comes from the Brain Education system created by Ilchi Lee. The practise comes from South Korea and has its origins in the Sundo practise. Sundo means mountain people. These were the people of the region at that time who were tired at the way society was going and decided to move to the mountains and explore what being human was all about.

Although form and posture is important. But not so important at the beginning of your practise, when you really need to know the principles of what you are doing. The form will fall into place when you practise enough. And we will get into the principles later on. But the form is covered in the Bright Beings Academy with on demand videos and classes.

Kookhak Ki Gong is a free style form of Ki Gong and is all about you and your body. Although there are forms to learn, it is how you want to move your body that is most important. That is why there is vibration and tapping training that you can interpret what best suits you to heal your body. Qi Gong is amazing for dealing with stress well.

What Is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an energy based healing system, where you focus your mind on your body and your breath. This means that you learn to focus the mind on what is important. That is, your body and your health. We have very simple exercises in the Academy that quickly show you how disconnected your mind, and your brain is to your body. And if it is, don’t worry. This can be quickly rectified.

Qi means energy and Gong means utilising well or even mastering. When we think of our physical body, we know that our eyes are to see. And that our nose is to smell, our tongue is to taste and so on. Did you know that the energy body has specific areas where certain energies of the body come from.

For instance, we all use the hand gesture of thumbs up, or even thumbs down, for that matter. Why do we use our thumb? Is it because it is convenient? No. Your thumb is connected to your lung meridian, and when your lung meridian is working well, you feel positive. Therefore you put your thumb up to signify everything is ok.

Qi Gong For Beginners

The Bright Beings Academy is the perfect place to start your Qi Gong practise. With easy to follow classes, and on demand videos, you can get into your own personal practise at your own pace. Beginners can feel it a little when you first start, because of the style of the Qi Gong taught. But once you get into committing to regular classes, and regular practises for yourself, you will find a deeper level of peace and tranquillity from the classes.

We have all levels of members in the Academy, but don’t let that put you off. The classes are different in theme every week so you don’t get bored of the same old routine going around and around.

Start Practising Qi Gong At Any Age?

If you are still not convinced of the power of Qi Gong, look at this 118-year-old master. His flexibility is that of a man half his age. Amazing. I feel like I have turned the clock back many years now, and I started my practise in my forties.

Qi Gong for seniors

I have a much more positive mind set to help me navigate well through this very difficult world. You too can improve your natural insight and vision so you can navigate through this world more easily too.

Learn more about how this can help you make your mind body connection stronger. Quieten your mind and move towards inner peace, in a simple, easy to learn manner. All you need to do is click the link below and join the Academy for free.

What’s The Difference Between Qi Gong And Tai Chi?

qi gong is a healing art tai chi is martial art. Learn Qi Gong at the bright beings academy
Qi Gong is a healing art. Tai Chi is a martial art

Qi Gong is a healing art. Tai Chi is a martial art. The two practises certainly come from the same family, but they are not the same. For instance, every Tai Chi move can be considered a Qi Gong move, but not every Qi Gong move can be considered a Tai Chi move. In that way, Tai Chi is much more confined to its format. On the other hand, Qi Gong has a much wider scope for healing.

Qi Gong goes back over 4,000 years and came before Tai Chi. It originated in China, and is still today a system of moving energy around the body. Tai Chi is the same, but as mentioned early, it is a martial art. Qi Gong is based in the Traditional Chinese Medicine tradition, and is part of that healing family.

Why Is Looking After Your Energy Important?

Incredible as this might seem, but the heart is not strong enough to pump the blood around our system on its own. It relies on other factors to keep this flow going. One of the factors is that there are many valves in your legs in particular that help the blood flow back up your legs. So movement is important. But energy has an important role in this important function also.

When your energy is flowing through the body, through the meridian lines, your body is healthy. Energy is an important part of blood flow. We get blockages in our energy where the joints become stiff and sore. This will lead to getting cold hands and feet in the colder weather. When we open up the joints we can feel the difference in the energy flow to our hands and feet and therefore they do not feel so cold.

Having worked with the elderly in my practise, I have seen some amazing results with them using the techniques taught in the Bright Beings Academy. We can all benefit from a good energy flow in the body. The Bright Beings Academy will help you achieve this.

Rejuvenate Your Body With Qi Gong

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Increased Flexibility – More Stamina –

Better Connection With Your Mind, Body And Soul

What Is Your Energy Body?

Learn Qi Gong and your energy body at the Bright beings academy

Your energy body is made up of many different elements, much like your physical body is. We accept in our physical world what each sense of the body does and how it operates. But because we can’t see energy, or even touch it, we find it more difficult to believe that it is there. And we find it even harder that certain energies frequent certain areas of the body. Lets look into that briefly here.

To simplify this we will look at the two main elements of the energy body, which are your chakra system and meridians. Your chakra’s are the cities of your body, and your meridians are the transport system of your body. If you think of your body as a country, it makes this visualisation easier. And your acupressure points are your towns and villages.

Your chakra system And Qi Gong

heal your chakras at the bright beings academy

Your chakra system has many elements to it, but it is the engine room of your energy body. We use tapping at the Bright Beings Academy to stimulate new energy into the body. This comes through our mitochondria. This energy is stored, accumulated, cleansed and expressed through our chakra system. And each chakra has its own responsibility for taking care of certain energies of the body.

We have many Qi Gong exercises, with a Qi Gong exercise for each specific chakra. Here is a very brief explanation of the chakras and what they do for you.

Root Chakra

This chakra is responsible for your connection to the earth and your community. We are losing our connection to the earth as human beings. And also our communities are dwindling in many areas of the world. Healing this chakra will help improve this situation.

Sacral chakra

This chakra is responsible for your one to one relationships. It is know as the lower Dahn Jon in the practise taught at the Bright Beings Academy. This chakra is responsible for your power, passion and creativity. Heal this chakra and your one to one relationships will start to improve, together with your zest for life.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is responsible for your sense of self and will power. Usually when we tap this area it is sore. Most of us are out of balance with our physical, energetic and spiritual body. Clearing this chakra will help with this. And it will also give you a stronger will power.

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is responsible for your love, empathy and compassion. It is funny to see that we accept green as the colour of envy, but not green being the colour of your heart chakra. Of course, envy is when your heart chakra is not working properly. This chakra is also known as the middle Dahn Jon in the practise taught at the Bright Beings Academy.

Throat chakra

Your throat chakra is to do with your communication. Because so many people have blocked chakras, we find it difficult to express ourselves. And our throat chakra being blocked brings up all sorts of issues with communication. Good communicators and public speakers all have an open throat chakra.

Third eye chakra

This chakra is to do with your intuition, vision and wisdom. We have many issues in our environment that block this chakra. But when it is working properly, we start to see into the spiritual realm more deeply. We get our sense of wonder back, like being a child again. You also have connection to your natural wisdom.

Crown chakra

In the practise taught at the Bright Beings Academy, this is called the Heavens gate. This is the chakra responsible for you being connected to your higher self. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Opening this chakra will help you bring that beautiful sense of peace into your life.

Your Meridian System

heal your meridians at the bright beings academy

The meridian system has now been proven with scientific research that is exists. And that research showed us that our ancestors were correct in their evaluation of the meridian system, showing around a 87% accuracy. How did they do that without the technology we have today? That is a very good question.

We have Qi Gong exercises for all the meridians, but we tend to focus on the outer 12 meridians in this practise. These are the ones that are being depleted constantly because of the way we live, and we have a Qi Gong exercise for all of these these meridians. These meridians are

The lung meridian

Ki Gong for the lung meridian

Large intestine meridian

Qi Gong for the larger intestine meridian

Stomach meridian

Qi Gong for the stomach meridian

Spleen meridian

Qi gong for the spleen meridian

Heart meridian

Qi gong for the heart meridian

Small intestine meridian

Qi gong for the small intestine meridian

Bladder meridian

Qi gong for the bladder meridian

Kidney meridian

Qi gong for the kidney meridian

Pericardium meridian

Qi Gong for the pericardium meridian

Triple warmer meridian

Qi gong for the triple burner meridian

Gall bladder meridian

Qi gong for the gall bladder meridian

Liver meridian

Qi Gong for your liver meridian

Qi Gong Exercises For Healing Your Energy Body

We have specific exercises for healing your energy body. These Qi Gong exercises are simple to follow. Most, if not all of them, are present in the classes from week to week. But there is an on demand section to help you heal a particular area of your energy body. This takes the form of pre recorded videos and classes that have these exercises in.

When you use these Qi Gong exercises for specific areas of your body, you will begin to feel the difference very quickly. Why not give the Bright Beings Academy a trial and see where it takes you on your healing journey.

Get rid of stress and anxiety quickly by practising Qi Gong.

Simple Tools For Better Health


Increase your flexibility and strength, and improve your circulation and alignment. Stretching muscles and joint rotations are designed to help Ki flow more smoothly through the body’s energy channels, called meridians.


Recharge your body and clear your mind by developing and creating strength in your core. Using deep breathing exercises and postures based on the body’s energy system, results in great holistic health.


Learn to relax and shift your focus away from busy thoughts with Dahn Jon tapping and meditation. This meditation helps you unleash your body’s own healing ability and bring focus to the present moment.

Click The Link Below To Visit The Bright Beings Academy

Two Weeks Free Trial Available

Increased Flexibility – More Stamina –

Better Connection With Your Mind, Body And Soul

Learn Qi Gong For Your Spiritual Body

When you engage your physical body in Qi Gong exercises, you will start to realise this has a profound effect on your spiritual body. You will feel your consciousness expanding. Your breathing gets deeper. You become more sensitive to sound. Your mind screen awareness sharpens. Meditation becomes easier. You start to connect with your true self, which means you have a deeper connection with your soul.

More Information On The Bright Beings Academy

The Bright Beings Academy has been set up for people who are looking for holistic health solutions. There are many elements to the Bright Beings Academy, so check out this link below for further reading.

Scientific Studies On Qi Gong And Tai Chi

Here is a small list of scientific studies on the benefits of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. It was when I first started really looking into this and practising really well, I realised that Qi Gong works. Not only for the studies listed below, but for so much more also.

Frequently Asked Questions Click Here

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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