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Heros journey by Peter Paul Parker
Your own heros journey

Are You On Your Heros Journey?

Are you on your own heros journey? Films, books, plays, folk tales and fairy tales all depict some kind of hero in some, if not, all of them. And we have had them in real life also. To me, they are almost making us feel that we are too small and insignificant to actually embark on the path of our own heroes journey.

If you look at Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John Lennon. They all had an enormous impact on the Western world. And they all touched many peoples hearts and minds. And they all had a shadow side, that people seem to be eager to point out. That should never diminish what they achieved in their lives, because we are all human with our perfect imperfections.

Your Heros Journey Does Not Have To Be Grand And publicised

I have picked these three for a specific reason. They were all calling for peace and they were all shot. They actually received the complete opposite of what they were asking for of the world. But there are many more people who are doing much the same work they were doing, without the accolade and publicity.

They have almost put us into a sort of redeemer type complex where we feel someone else is going to come along and take all of our troubles away. Nothing could be further from the truth. And this has really manifested in our material world with the prominence of the pharmaceutical industry to look after our health, and Government to look after our affairs. On closer inspection, both are failing miserably.

Your Heros Journey Is All About You

Now it comes down to you. You are the hero of your story. And the star in your own movie. You are the most important being in your existence. And you have come here to learn, to grow, and to tune into your higher consciousness. And this does not have to consist of big profound changes that everyone hears about. This can be your own personal small victories and accomplishments.

The world around you is the way it is so it makes it easier for you to embark on your heroes journey. Look at the opportunities you have around you to be a power for good. Because we are stuck with the paradigm of swapping our time for money, we don’t do what we can, because we are not getting paid for it.

Your Heros Journey Will Bring You What You Need When You Need It

I believe the money comes when you need it when you live more like this. I am talking about living more like an entrepreneur that an employee. You take the rough with the smooth, and as soon as you decide what you do is to help other people, no matter what, everything starts to change. And it changes profoundly.

The heroes journey is all about self discovery. All about you and your perception of this world. And all about you waking up to self realisation and self actualisation. You can create the life you want, you just need the courage to do this. It is taking the first step to change is the most important part of this. The rest will follow.

I am so lucky to see people doing this at the Bright Beings Academy. I love watching people make changes in themselves that makes their lives improve. It is just a change in perception and how you look at it.

Your Heroes Journey Is A Spiritual Life

The Vedas do teach us if you focus on your spiritual life, you will be ok in this time of the Kali Yuga. And this is the golden age we are approaching inside of the Kali Yuga. No one seems to know exactly how this will pan out, but one thing is for sure, it is easier to see what you don’t want when you look at the world today. This is what our ancestors told us it would be like.

What Can I Do To Achieve My Own Heros Journey

Get to know yourself

On the side of every temple in the Indus Valley, the cradle of todays civilization, was written ‘Know Thyself.’ We must learn about our internal workings and heal the problems and celebrate the goodness.

Always act with intergrity and diligence

When we approach life with integrity and diligence, life begins to change for the better. This is not easy and takes work. A good meditation practice or self disciplined approach will really help with your journey.

Take up an energy based practice like Qi Gong to help you connect more with yourself

To me, Qi Gong, when it is taught properly really helps you to know yourself. Find something that suits you, and what you like to do. Personally I love the Qi Gong I teach because it is fun, easy to learn, and very very effective.

What If I Need Help With My Heros Journey

Sometimes we need a guide to help us get to the next stage of our heroes journey. That is what I do with my online coaching course called ‘The Dream Method‘. If you need help with your journey, and I certainly did with mine, then click the link below and see if the free webinar resonates with you.

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Take the first step today on your heroes journey. See where it takes you. I hope you find some wonderful places and make some amazing memories that you treasure for lifetimes. I am sure you will if you put your mind to it.

Until the next post,

Be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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