Qi Gong For Stress

Qi Gong for stress

Qi Gong For Stress

Qi Gong is amazing at helping with stress. Studies indicate that 90% of chronic disease is caused by chronic stress. Stress disrupts the healthy and natural circulation of the body. Our body has built in mechanisms for helping us realise when something is going wrong. So a healthy body will let you know when problems arise. When we are constantly stressed, these indicators do now work properly. This results in our built in warning system not working properly for us.

What happens when you are unable to see where the issues are in your body. This result can lead to deeper problems within your body. Our bodies are amazing and all the money and resources in the world could not recreate you. Is it time for you to start looking after your own health? Check your overall condition by answering the questions below the picture. See where you are positioned when it comes to stress.

More Than Just Breathing – Qi Gong Goes Deeper

Most people are aware that deep breathing exercises are good for calming the nervous system. If you have done this research you know that when you calm and reset the nervous system, you are coming our of the sympathetic nervous state. That is fight or flight. And moving into the Parasympathetic nervous state. That is rest and digest. This is so important if you are looking to deal with the epidemic of chronic disease that is engulfing our planet at the moment. QI Gong goes so much deeper that just breathing. It is combining the breath with simple movements and also engaging the mind as well. This combination makes the process of breathing so much more potent. Some even claim that it doubles the effect of deep breathing.

Qi Gong is an enormous healing modality, and can help you in so many different ways. To deal with stress and anxiety really effectively, Qi Gong comes out on top. With many of the exercises that you practise with Qi Gong, many of them help starting away with stress and anxiety. It is the simple action of engaging the mind is the magic formula. It sounds easy to do. But this is hard to master. Especially when human attention span is around 8 seconds now. To focus your mind on your breath and movement for 5 minutes is very difficult in todays western world. Basically, you need to practise regularly if you want to get lasting results from Qi Gong.

Understanding Stress And Why We Suffer From It

The body suffers from kinds of stress. Emotional – Physical – Chemical. The chemical stress on your body comes from your environment and what you consume. Your emotional and physical levels of stress can be healed with Qi Gong if you practise enough. And once you have, eating properly and avoiding toxins in your body will become second nature.

Stress is not a good energy to be overtaken with. Sometimes we need some stress in our lives to make us act on certain happenings in your life. Basically, stress is a nervous system reaction to something that is or even perceived to be dangerous or harmful to you. When this reaches fever pitch, this will push you into the sympathetic nervous state, the fight or flight state. We have needed this in the past to escape danger. But it is not needed so much in todays world. Stress is a body reaction. Cortisol is released when we are stressed. People are getting addicted to this cortisol rush in the body. This is not healthy.

When we realise we can change the energy of the body using Qi Gong, this empowers us to better health. This is very much a holistic approach to healing yourself. Basically changing your body, is changing how your body reacts to a certain situation. When you learn how to do this for yourself, your life appears so different. This can be subtle at first. And the more your practise, the more this feeling of wholeness and completeness will embrace you. Life looks incredibly different when you live your life free from all the stresses of the day.

Sensitise Your Brain To Your Body

We tend not to think about our body until we stub a toe on the bed post or catch our fingers in a door. This actually makes us really aware of the area of the body we have just hurt. You can change this for yourself by becoming more mindful of your body. This is particularly helpful in stressful situations. The original mindfulness came from the Vedas and was known as Sackshi Bav. This is translated as witness mentality. When you feel what is happening in our body, you can really feel where the issues are and this helps you to focus on where the problems arise. Personally, mine was the shoulders. When I started my Qi Gong practise, my shoulders were constantly tensed upwards. This took a while to change. And now all the tension around my shoulders and neck have disappeared. Focus on your body when you are stressed.

Either write down or try to remember where the problems arise when you are stressed. And see if they are still there the next time you become stressed or anxious. Keep softening these areas with your mind. I like to say it is like letting go of a tightly clenched fist. If you hold a fist tightly for any amount of time, then let it go. You will feel a wonderful sense of letting go. Use that imagery in your mind to let go of the areas that are tense in your body. Movement really helps here also. Shoulders are a common problem for stressed people, so a good shoulder opening exercise really helps. You can find one here.

FAQ’s On Qi Gong And Stress

Can Qi Gong Help Me With Stress?

Yes. Qi Gong is amazing for helping with stress. The simple action of combining your mind, your body and your breath really helps to alleviate the symptoms of stress.

How Can I Calm My Mind When I Am So Stressed?

I have found Qi Gong to be the quickest way to calm the mind, because your body is involved as well. A one hour class regularly will help you reconnect back with your body, and then your mind will calm down.

How Can I Stop Stress Ruining My Health?

Take up a mindful practise like Qi Gong. This will take your body reaction out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. We call it a Qi Gong practise because you are helping your body learn to be in rest and digest.

Stress And The Modern World

Todays world is loaded with stress. And many of us are feeling polarised, lonely and disconnected. You can change that if you want to. If you do nothing, things will stay the same. If you take action, your life will change. You have a choice.

Qi Gong for stress
Our lives are so busy now, with so much going on

Qi Gong Health Check For Stress

  • Are you getting frequent headaches?
  • Or get stiffness in your shoulders, neck and joints?
  • Do you tend to feel depressed or anxious?
  • Or have difficulty in breathing at times?
  • Do you often feel bloated or have abdominal pains?
  • Or catch colds easily?
  • Are you having difficulty in sleeping?
  • Or not feel properly rested?
  • Do you find it difficult to concentrate on what you are doing?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you may well be suffering from stress. The good news is, the Bright Beings Academy can really help. Deal with your stress and anxiety very quickly. But you need to put the work in. Click the link below to join the Bright Beings Academy and start practising Qi Gong today.

Three Simple Qi Gong Exercises To Help Soothe Stress

Qi Gong is all about combining the mind, the body and the breath together. Simply practising this well will help to soothe your stress and anxiety. You can check out free Qi Gong classes at the Bright Being Academy. Listed below are three very simple exercises to try straight away to get you on the path to relieving your stress and anxiety.

Water Swings

Water swings is a great Qi Gong exercise for stress
Be Like Water And Let Your Body Flow – Qi Gong Exercises For Stress

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly like sitting on a horse. Roll your hips around so your lower back straightens. Straighten your back. Instigate the movement from your lower and middle back and start to swing the upper body left and right. Take you imagination back to being a child again. Remember when you used to play in water, skimming your palms across the top of the water. Allow your arms from your shoulders to your finger tips to be completely relaxed. In fact, the whole body should be relaxed. Keep softening and relaxing your body with you mind. Play some inspiring music and let yourself go for five minutes. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen while doing this. Slow down your breath so it is comfortable and not cumbersome. And enjoy. Put your beautiful smile behind you face while practising this. Convince your brain you are not stressed and anxious. Use your mind as well as your body..

Body Tapping

Body tapping is a fantastic way of bringing the mind back in line with the body. Basically, body tapping has so many benefits. It strengthens bones. And helps promote healthy bone marrow production, which creates new red blood cells into the body. Also it stimulates your mitochondria, which is responsible for creating new energy in the body. Here is a short video for you to follow which is a whole body tapping sequence. Do this every day for 21 days and see how much better you are dealing with stress and anxiety. Write down your experience while practising body tapping, and create your own empirical evidence on how this has worked for you. I know you will be pleasantly surprised.

Body Tapping Is Amazing At Helping Stress And Anxiety


This happens regularly in a Qi Gong class and is very simple. But to do this effectively, you must have full focus on your mind, your body and your breath. Standing in a comfortable position, with your knees slightly bent. Let your hands hang naturally by your side. Take a long deep breath out. Then breath in naturally. While breathing in, raise the hands up to the side with the palms facing up. Keep breathing in slowly until your hands are just above your head. Then bring your hands down the central channel of your body. Finger tips pointing to each other. Keep your fingertips a few inches away from each other. Like pushing a balloon downwards. Keep your shoulders relaxed at all times. In fact, your shoulders do not need to be engaged at all. Keep softening and relaxing your shoulders with your mind if they are tense. Repeat several times, and feel the stress and anxiety melting away. This may take some time to master, but you can do it. It really works.

Learn Qi Gong To Alleviate Stress

Stress became much easier to deal with after I started practising Qi Gong. Focusing your mind on your body and your breath sounds easy. All in all, this is very hard to do at first. Qi Gong is easy to learn but hard to master. That makes it a wonderful challenge for you at any age or any body condition. By starting to use the exercises I have explained in this article, you will begin to feel the change quickly. Make sure you breathe deeply all the way through the exercises. deeply. You can try the way we teach Qi Gong at the Bright Beings Academy for free for two weeks. All you need to do is click the link below and choose silver membership.

Click The Link Below To Visit The Bright Beings Academy

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Increased Flexibility – More Stamina –

Better Connection With Your Mind, Body And Soul

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then,, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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