Qi Gong Benefits

Qi Gong benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Practising Qi Gong?

The benefits of practising Qi Gong are amazing. It has certainly turned my life around. I was a professional rock musician for many years. And I lived the lifestyle as it was, back in the day. This took its toll on my body, and I needed healing. I now realise this healing is an ongoing practise. Qi Gong helped me find an easy routine to obtain all the health benefits I have gained through the practise.

Qi Gong has been around for centuries, but has not really been so familiar to people in the western world. We look at the body in the west as having life force energy. This is called Qi, which means energy. In the practise we teach at the Bright Beings Academy we call it Ki. This comes from the Korean term Ki Gong. Ki means energy and Gong means utilising well, or some may even say mastering.

What Is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong can be explained simply by saying all you need to do is focus your mind on your body and your breath. But it is far more complex than that. We look at the physical body and understand that the eyes are to see, and the nose is to smell. We also look at the internal organs and see they all have specific functions. And our bodies have the same blue print, but behave slightly differently because of our own unique experience of this world.

The same can be said for your energy. Your energy has different aspects to it. This, I call the energy body. The energy body consists of many different elements, much like our physical body. You can seem more about your energy body in this article on Qi Gong.

What Are The Top 3 Qi Gong Health Benefits?

We live in a very stressful world, which causes us untold damage. We have physical, emotional and chemical stresses on the body. Qi Gong is amazing for helping with stress.

Top 3 Qi Gong Benefits For Todays World

Is Qi Gong good for dealing with stress?

We live in a very stressful world at the moment. And stress is affecting virtually everyone on earth. Qi Gong is remarkable at dealing with stress. Qi Gong helps you to calm the nervous system and allow your body to work as it should.

Can Qi Gong help with anxiety?

When you think about your mind, what do you observe? You observe a time traveller going into the past, into the future and sometimes in the present. Qi Gong helps to bring the mind into the present, which really helps to stop the feelings of anxiety very quickly.

Is Qi Gong good for depression?

Not only speaking from my experience, but my students also, Qi Gong really helps with depression. When you practise Qi Gong, you learn to focus the mind. This helps you to actually focus on the life you want after practising for a while. Qi Gong improves your focus too.

Take a quick look at this study on Qi Gong and depression.

What Other Benefits Does Qi Gong Have?

Helps with chronic fatigue

This is becoming a common problem in our world today. And this needs to be addressed. When you suffer from this, it can be really difficult to almost impossible to function well in every day life. Qi Gong can really help you with this. Check this study out on Qi Gong and chronic fatique.

Improves well being in cancer patients

Treatment for cancer can cause chemical stress on the body. This together with the emotional stress can be unbearably. When our body isn’t working properly, Qi Gong can help to remedy that. It can be an amazing supplement for any treatment given. It can be emotionally draining when you are suffering with cancer. Qi Gong can help. See how here.

Boosts your immune response

Your immune system is such an important line of defence in todays difficult world. Some would say we live in a toxic environment. I would agree. What you must do is help your immune system to be healthy. This you enteric nervous system, which is in your gut. We do many practises to stimulate your gut, warm the area up, and boost your immune system. A Qi Gong exercise a day keeps the Doctor away. Check out this study.

Qi Gong benefits for sleep

Qi Gong has many benefits for sleep. But the most important benefits is that the practise teaches the body to come down into a restful state every time we practise. It is balancing the energy in the body that Qi Gong does, and this helps with restful sleep.

Once you learn the practise of Qi Gong and feel the benefits, you can create a routine for yourself before attempting to sleep. There are many sequences for this in the Bright Beings Academy.

Helps to elevate your mood

One of the many Qi Gong benefits is that it really does elevate your mood. I remember when I first started my practise and I used to go to my local centre feeling stressed and in a bad mood. I never left the class in that same mood. It always elevated my mood.

Your physical bodies has so many chemical reactions happening in it, they need to be regulated. Balancing the energy running around the body helps to regulate your physical body. This helps to inspire you to keep going onto bigger and better things.

Helps to clear pain problems in the body

Personally, I have two incidents to share here. When I was in my twenties, I had a serious motorbike accident, where I fractured my elbow and collar bone. These areas of my body used to ache terribly in the cold weather. Since taking up Qi Gong, this ache has disappeared.

When I was even younger, I was in a practise rugby scrum. This was against a scrum machine and I was at the front. When all the kids in the scrum behind me pushed hard, my back bent round and damaged my lower back. I have had trouble with this all my adult life. Since taking up Qi Gong, the problem has disappeared.

Qi Gong benefits for connecting with your higher self

As mentioned earlier, our bodies have chemical reactions in them. And when these reactions are left to fester, they become stagnant. This energy is no good for you. Our energy tends to rise internally to the pineal gland, which has piezoelectric properties. This means that it turns chemical energy into electricity.

If the chemical energy has not been cleansed, this can lead to you being foggy in the head. This to can happen when you have too much information in the head. Qi Gong will clean up that chemical energy in your body so your pineal gland, your 6th chakra works as nature intended. You natural wisdom, vision and intuition will shine through.

Where Can I Learn Qi Gong?

We have two classes a week at the Bright Beings Academy. And there is much more value of you choose one of the higher levels of membership. All memberships are very affordable so you can get Qi Gong into your daily practise quickly. Click the link below to see what the membership can offer you.

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If you still have more questions about Qi Gong please look at the FAQ’s page here. And remember, Qi Gong is like a moving meditation. It will enhance and improve your meditation practise.

I look forward to connecting with you in the next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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