The Alchemy Of You

The Alchemy Of You by Peter Paul Parker
The Alchemy Of You

What is the alchemy of you? People are waking up to their true selves by the thousands, if not millions now and it is such a great thing to see. People are breaking down their paradigms they are stuck in, and seeing life, as if they have new eyes.

We have been stuck in the material realm for so long as a species, but now that is changing. People are starting to realise that our physical body is the key to our spiritual growth in this material realm, we call the 3rd dimension. We have been forced into this position, but the balloon is starting to surface above the water, as the hands that hold it down no longer hold the illusion over us so well.

The Alchemy Of You Is A Pyramid

Human beings are like pyramids in their energy body

I was fascinated to watch Russian scientists experimenting with Pyramids in Russia. Their findings were very interesting. What I found really interesting was that it was not good for the health of any humans spending time inside of the pyramid. But outside of the pyramid, there were many healing vibrations happening. Even the plants and vegetation were benefiting from the sacred geometry of the pyramid, and the vibration it was sending out.

These, and other scientists are starting to distinguish between mechanical energy and electrical energy. And the transformation from mechanical energy to electrical energy. This is alchemy, and it happens in our bodies too.

The Alchemy Of You Begins With Energy

Energy body deals with the alchemy of you by Peter Paul Parker
You Have A Physical And Energetic Body

We have mechanical energy, or chemical reactions that cause this mechanical energy. These come in the form of emotions, feelings and thoughts that all cause chemical responses in our bodies. These rise up and reach the pineal gland, which has that same transformational qualities as some say the pyramids have, turning mechanical energy into electrical energy, using the carbon crystals in our pineal gland.

When the mechanical energies rise up with a chakra system that is malfunctioning, then we get trapped in the material realm. We do not care much for the earth, or our community. We do not care much for our one to one relationships. And we only really care about our ego, and sense of self. These are the three lower chakras malfunctioning. And this describes the majority of the people living on the earth today to a greater or lesser extent.

You Are In Charge Of The Alchemy Of You

You are in charge of the alchemy of you always by Peter Paul Parker
You Are In Charge Of The Alchemy Of You

The good news is that this can be changed when we work on our energy body. We can make this alchemy an amazing experience that is happening in the body, because the mechanical energy is revitalised, giving the pineal gland quality energy to transpose into electricity. In my mind, it is like the saying, we are what we eat. We can turn that in to an energetic statement of ‘we experience what we think, feel and speak.’

I used to read all of this information and didn’t really understand it so well until I started down the path to work out what the chakra system actually is, and whether it actually exists. And whether we focus on it or not, it does exist. But we don’t need to study it that deeply, we just need to be aware of our behavior, and what energy is stuck inside of us, then we can begin the healing process.

The Alchemy Of You Is On The Horizon – If You Want It To Be

You are in charge of the alchemy of you by Peter Paul Parker
You Are In Charge Of Your Destiny

As more human beings wake up to this, I feel there are enormous changes on the horizon for the better of all of us. It is ok to let the sleep walkers sleep walk. Let them be. If you are awake to this, focus on becoming the best version of you. Then your own personal alchemy will take place inside you, and you will start speaking like a Buddha.

I was speaking to a client about this today, and I did say that when I have been around the masters of the Tao or the Vedas, they have very little to say in conversation, but when they speak publicly, they are funny, entertaining, free, informative and a pleasure to listen to. We can all achieve that when we learn how to clean the chemical reactions that create the mechanical energy in our body.

We are in this position for a reason. So we can learn more deeply about ourselves. I love what I do and want others to join the team that are pushing for human beings to tune up their energy body so they can achieve their own internal alchemy inside of them.

I have done this using Ki Gong and sound healing. Whichever route you take is fine, because the destination is the same. When we all realise this as a species, that we are all just guiding each other home, then things will change very rapidly amongst us.

How To Take Charge Of The Alchemy Of You

Take up meditation

Start to learn to observe your body rather than react to it. This will come with meditation. You can learn to observe your body more when you take on the meditation practice you like to do.

Respond to life rather than react

Learn to respond to life rather than react. We are caught up in such a stressful world today, our body is continually in fight or flight mode. Learn to relax and respond to life more. This will help you be aware of the changes in your body.

Take up an energy based exercise system like Qi Gong

Learn Qi Gong and learn about yourself. When you look into the meridians of the body and how they effect you, this is amazing for healing. The same can be said about your chakra system. We must know ourselves before we know what is happening inside of our body.

What If I Need Help Learning All Of This

I have created a course called the Dream Method, where you can learn all of this and more. If you do nothing, you will stay the same. If you reach out and start to process of healing, anything is possible. Just click the link below to go to the free training that lets you know what the Dream Method can do for you.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

The dream method by Peter Paul Parker

Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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