You Have No Soul! What?

You Have No Soul! What?

Do We Have A Soul?

How many times have you heard ‘We have no soul? I had another interesting conversation at the weekend about the existence of the soul. I have been looking into the nature of our reality after having two really profound out of body experiences. And there is a lot of people out there spreading disinformation, but lets get into that later.

I will put part of my case across, as it would take a book to transmit all the knowledge I have found on this. Firstly, I have had two out of body experiences, which made me realise all the uneccessary garbage we carry around with us as human beings, and what we should be seeing as real. We have this as a species the wrong way round and upside down. That is down to trust to see whether you believe me or not about my outer body experience and how I see things now.

In Physics, Nothing Ever Gets Destroyed. Does The Soul?

When we learn from physics that energy doesn’t get destroyed but simply transmitted. This is what we know as alchemy. Rather like the pineal gland in the head, turning chemical energy into electrical energy. We do not understand the energetic body fully, but we can get closer to it by practicing modalities like Ki Gong. So our memories go somewhere, which is now known as the Akashic records. Something of our experience transcends death.

We realise that we are not out body. Our brain is just a reciever and transmitter of information and can be fooled by perceptions we may well have. And we are also fooled by pre conceptions. All in all, we are also fooled by our emotions, feelings and even our thoughts. And yes, we are none of these, but they do make up some of the elements to us as human beings on the physical realm.

We Can Sense Another Realm Inside Us

I feel we can all sense another realm because of the voice that we can create and hear in our head without the use of our ears. And we can also see into the past, the present and the future without the use of our eyes. We are not just connected to this material realm. We have a far deeper interaction with what we can’t see, feel, touch, taste or hear than we realise.

George Meak has done some incredible research into the afterlife, and it would seem that we are in a reincarnation loop with the astral zone if we can’t work out this existence and liberate ourselves. That is my conlcusion of his research, not his actual research. Also scientists like Rupert Sheldrake have put their careers on the line because of their research into the nature of our reality.

Ki Gong has taught me that we use energy. And that the energy we use is universal. We can bring new energy into our body just by stimulating your mitochondria. Our chakra system and our Dahn Jons, meridian lines and accupressure points are all part of this energy system, which are also very important elements of you. But they are not you at the deepest level. I have broken this down here.

Does Your Soul Observe Everything You Do

It is what is observing all of this that is going on, which is you. And this is what they call enligtenment. Just being with your observer in this world. I feel it is an important element to understand, but we should be constantly moving our energy from heavenly, earthly and human energy, so we can experience all of it. And this actually makes us grow spiritually. The Vedas teach us that the soul is a passenger on this ride. And I am seeing that to be true now.

This was everything and more I brought to the discussion. And what was my response. I shrug of the shoulders.

We have been fooled for a very long time by master propogandists and decievers. We are not getting to a place where they believe they have created enough atheists on the planet where they can bring in the next part of the plan, which is to merge your consciousness with a machine, permanently. This of course will never happen. These people are insane.

I used to be on a quest to wake people up to the over reaching people at the the top of our society trying to control everything. That conversation is now redundant. Lockdowns across the world have taught the youth that it is dangerous to have someone controlling you from a far. And next……..

Spirituality Has Been Highjacked

The realisation that your spirituality has actually been hijacked also, and it is down to you to do the work and find what you need to so you feel whole and complete as a human being. And it is an amazing experience of both good and bad things. The alchemy happens inside of you as you move closer and closer to your divine essence. This is love at its core. And will always be there, no matter what you percieve to be true.

These are certainly interesting conversations I have. I will keep sharing because of all the wonderful messages I get from these posts.

Do You Want To Connect More Deeply With Your Soul

In the Vedas we are taught we have the conditioned soul and the super soul. The super soul is our connection to the divine creator. Some people say God, but some people have a bad condition about using that term. The conditioned soul is exactly that. Something that is carrying conditions, from this life and the previous. We can break that conditioning if we choose to.

The Dream Method

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I look forward to connecting with you in the next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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