What’s The Difference Between Qi Gong And Reiki?

What's The Difference Between Qi Gong And Reiki?
Reiki Healing And Energy Healing – What’s The Difference?

What’s The Difference Between Qi Gong And Reiki?

What’s The Difference Between Qi Gong And Reiki is a very good question? They are both forms of energy or energetic healing. But what’s the difference between the two ancient healing modalities. We are going to take a quick overview of these two healing practises and see what may be best for you.

What’s The Difference In Qi Gong’s Fundamental Principles?

Qi Gong came out of the Traditional Chinese Medicine practise of ancient China and the South East. When considering the body as a whole, this practise looks at what is causing the problems in the body, and not focusing on the symptoms. The five elements theory goes into detail about this. It is keeping the body in its best conditional that will stop any problems occurring. We can now see how true this is with between 90-95% of ailments in human beings is now down to stress in our modern world. That is becoming common knowledge, but it is like trying to move a mountain to get certain institutions to act on this information. Many people are more aware of this now because there are certain interests involved here blocking this knowledge coming out.

Qi Gong is all about focusing your mind on your body and your breath to ensure you have the best energy flow in your body. Energy flow is so important in todays stressful world. We tend to hold onto heavy energy like old traumas from the past. These will make us react to life, rather than respond. This becomes a habitual action. And then you start to feel that this is you at your core. This is not the case. It is your reaction and not you. Qi Gong, when practised regularly, will help you clear this negative energy from your body. Your body will start to work in the way nature intended it to work. Not stuck in the parasympathetic nervous state, or fight or flight.

The three main principles of the Qi Gong I teach

The 3 main principles I teach with my Qi Gong practise look easy to understand when first reading them. But pause a moment and really try to see what you are doing and how you are living your life when you compare it to these principles. I remember the realisations I made when I started teaching these principles, I started to get a deeper and deeper understanding of them. Here they are.

Where Your Mind Goes Your Energy Follows

Water Up – Fire Down

Your Three Treasures

I have explained these principles in another article here. These principles are taken from the Qi Gong I teach. But the principles hold up with any form of Qi Gong. You will really begin to know yourself well by abiding by these principles in your every day life.

What’s The Difference In Reiki’s Fundamental Principles?

What's The Difference Between Qi Gong And Reiki? by Peter Paul Parker
What’s The Difference Between Qi Gong And Reiki?

There are also many forms of Reiki, but lets look at the one created by Usui. Mikao Usui was the founder of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system. There are many books on the history of Reiki, and you can do your own research if you are looking into learning about it on a deeper level. Reiki is the use of universal energy to heal. This is done through the use of the body as a conduit to transfer that energy into another human being. The energy finds its way to where there are problems in the body, and heals.

Reiki does this through the use of a master transferring the energy through to the client. You can use Reiki on yourself also. It is all about intention. Reiki uses signs and symbols to help focus the mind. Qi Gong just uses the focus of the mind through the training.

So What’s The Difference Between Qi Gong And Reiki?

The difference between Qi Gong and Reiki really is like thinking about a subject from a different viewpoint. Both practises use universal energy to heal the body. Reiki seems more general to me, even though the master can specify where the energy goes. Towards a chakra for instance. Qi Gong can be looked upon as more pinpointed. You can target the chakras, the meridians, your mind activity and many other elements of you for healing. To me, the practises can sit hand in had as very powerful holistic healing modalities for the body.

And the best part of all of this is when you learn them, you can use them on yourself. And you can share them with other people really easily to. My fascination is sound healing also. Where I take along a tuning fork to my Qi Gong classes for healing amongst my members in the live in person sessions.

What Are The Similarities Of Qi Gong And Reiki?

There is one form we use in my Qi Gong Practise that seems very closely related to Reiki. And that is the practise of Ji Gam. Ji Gam is an energy meditation where you start to focus your mind on the space in between your palms. Once you have stimulated your palms with rubbing, tapping and even clapping, you can start to feel tingling. Then hold your hands about two or three inches apart. Then focus your mind on the tingling on your palms and the space in between them. Really focus your mind. Then start to make little circles with your hands. And then move them away from and towards each other while focusing on the tingling and the space.

By doing this you may feel a pushing or pulling feeling. A magnetic feeling, or a cool soft feeling. You may feel nothing. This will determine how sensitive you are to energy. I couldn’t feel the energy at first when I started. Now I feel it every time. You can actually feel the energy coming out of your hands. When you practise this, you become an energy master. And the same can be said for Reiki. You become an energy master. More often than not, Reiki masters feel the energy quite quickly when they take up Qi Gong.

Why Take Up Qi Gong When You Are A Reiki Master?

To me, I feel it enhances your knowledge of Reiki, and purifies your energy system with the use of movement, sound and vibration. We are living in very troubled times as human beings on the planet at the moment. Anything we can do to promote health in our physical body, and enhance focus on our spiritual journey is worth persevering and mastering. In my opinion, these two practises go hand in hand. They compliment each other beautifully and should be considered if you wish to become a holistic healer.

Are You Looking To Take Up Qi Gong?

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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