Qi Gong For Lower Back Pain

Qi Gong for lower back pain
Qi Gong for lower back pain

Have You Considered Qi Gong For Lower Back Pain?

Using Qi Gong for lower back pain? Is it true that this could be able to help lower back pain. From personal experience, I would say the answer is definitely yes. But this is my personal experience. Obviously you need to speak to a health professional about any issues you may be having with your back. Chiropractors are very good at finding where there is a problem in your back. They are trained on the mechanics of the body. Qi Gong helped me with my back pain. Here is the story about how my lower back used to be weak.

An Accident When I Was 11 Years Old

When I was at boarding school, I had to play rugby. Coming from a football background, this was all new to me. I was put in the rugby scrum as a prop forward. Basically, this is the front of the scrum with people behind you pushing. I did not know what was going to happen. The boys lined up as if the scrum machine was an opposing team. I placed my head between two tyres and my shoulders were pushing into the tyres. The teacher screamed ‘BALL COMING IN NOW’. I did not know what was going to happen next. All the boys pushed from behind me.

I felt my lower back being pushed around the tyre my shoulders were pushing against. My spine was making an enormous horse shoe shape and my lower back felt like it was being pushed out of position. I screamed out loud, and the teacher shouted ‘STOP!’ The boys behind me stopped pushing. Then, I fell to the floor in agony. I was carried off the rugby field and taken to the dormitory where a nurse came and checked me out.

A Quick Recovery

I was young and resilient and made a speedy recovery. I was up and playing rugby four months after the incident. My lower back felt a little tender, but I pushed through that because I believed I could at that young age. I did a lot of work to strengthen my body in my younger days, and have always been so grateful for doing that. It has served me in good stead for most of my life.

I will be completely honest here. I thought my lower back problems were over. All through my days as a professional musician, I did keep my back straight when picking anything up that was heavy. And this did serve me well. It was actually when I decided to become a Qi Gong instructor, I realised that I had deep issues with my back, that had not been healed properly. This was a revelation to me.

My Lower Back Pain Returned

When training to become a Qi Gong instructor, I realised that I still had issues with my lower back. All the many stretches I was taking on for my lower back seem to flair up the issues I had from when I was a very young boy. There were times when I had to stop my training because I realised my issues had not been healed properly. Basically, I diligently carried on my training, being very careful not to hurt or harm my lower back. I seem to be able to keep a balance here.

One class I was taking very early on in my career as a Qi Gong instructor, my back seem to collapse into the pain I felt all the way back as an 11 year old boy. Luckily it was when the class was lying down on the floor doing some Qi Gong floor exercises. It was towards the end of the class, and I managed to wrap the class up effectively without anyone even knowing what happened to my back. I explained this to my wife on the way home from the class.

I spent a couple of days lying down to get over that incident, and then looked hard at all the moves and techniques to help me solve my lower back problem for good.

Qi Gong For Lower Back Pain Really Does Work

I can now say that Qi Gong For Lower Back Pain Really Does Work. I use many techniques to help strengthen the back. There are also many exercises to help you open up all the vertebrates and discs in the back. This is essential for healthy energy flow in your body. The back is the beginnings of your five sense reality because it hosts your nervous system activity. This is why the back is crush an important area of your body to keep healthy.

There are many exercises I use for lower back health like water swings for instance. This is simply taking your imagination back to being a child again. Putting your feet shoulder width apart. And placing your hands down in front of you as if they are resting on water. The simply instigate the movement from your lower and middle back and swing your arms around your body. Keep everything relaxed and don’t strain anything. This will really strengthen your lower back with daily regular practise. This is similar to knocking on the door of life.

2 Qi Gong Exercises For Lower Back Pain I Use

I have listed here two of my favourite Qi Gong exercises for lower back pain. And I teach them regularly in my online and offline classes. They have really helped me heal my back and make it strong and flexible. They have helped me find that there was a deeper issue with my back I had not healed from the accident when I was a child. Here are the exercises.

The elephant swings its trunk

qi gong for lower back - the elephant swings its trunk
The elephant swings its trunk Qi Gong exercise

Basically, you stand with your feet shoulder width apart and go into a forward fold the best you can. Let your arms hang down in front of you. Start making figure of eight shapes with your arms, much like an elephant swinging its trunk. Instigate the movement from your lower back. Your back will feel like a snake swimming up a river or a stream. Keep this vision in your mind for your back as you feel all the vertebras and discs opening on your spine. Change direction of the swing half way through your practise. Do this everyday for 21 days a couple of times a day and feel the difference in your spine health.

Swimming Dragon

Qi Gong for lower back pain - swimming dragon
Swimming dragon Qi Gong exercise

This exercise is a little more difficult to explain. Basically, when pushing your right shoulder forward, you push your left hip forward at the same time. You get a twist all the way up your spine from your lower back to your upper back. You start with your feel shoulder width apart. Place your hands in prayer position in front of your chest. Push with your left hand over to the right side of your body. This will automatically push your left shoulder forward. While doing this push right hip forward and feel that twist in your spine. Then push to the other side. This will twist the spine in the other direction.

You can do this with your feet together after this. When you have pushed your hands to the left and to the right three times, dive the dragon deep keeping your hands together so they go down to your knees. Then swim the dragon upwards, undulating the spine while the hands swim upwards. Your hands will end up in a prayer posture above your head. Stand up on your toes and slowly bring your hands down from above your head, while bringing your heels to the floor. Make a hissing sound from you mouth while breathing out. This helps to take the heat out of the head.

All Qi Gong Classes Incorporate Exercises For Lower Back Pain At The Bright Beings Academy

All the live Qi Gong classes at the Bright Beings Academy incorporate exercises for lower back pain. From the beginning of the class, and throughout the class, there is usually something to help the lower back. You can try the Academy for free by clicking the link below. All classes are live. And there are on demand classes if you miss a class too. Click the link below to try this Korean style of Qi Gong.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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