Do You Feel Trapped In Your Body?

Do You Feel Trapped In Your Body?

Do You Feel Trapped In Your Body?

I have to ask this question, as it seems really pertinent at this time on our planet. Are you starting to feel trapped in your body? It’s a feeling I have had for a long time now, and I have accepted it. But I feel I am getting closer to the understanding of why I feel this way.

When we grow up we are conditioned to think that this is the only way a society can be run. So we accept it, and go along with it. I never have, and this used to cause me great suffering when I was younger. Not so much now, as I am realising why I have these feelings.

I can see now why civilisations of the past are written out of history because it will help you understand your present position, and that what we have now as a society is unacceptable. Even Deepak Chopra has called it psychotic, and Eckhart Tolle has stated one day politicians will expand their consciousness.

No Measure Of Health

Krishna Murti said ‘It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society’. There are no shortages of quotes to use where people speak out against this current system we live with. But what about you?

Are you getting those feelings of being trapped in this limited body? Now when I speak with atheists, who believe we have no soul and have nothing more to us than the physical body, it is becoming obvious to me, they have reached the bottom level of that feeling of being trapped in the body.

And deep down in my heart, I feel sad for them. They will admit if you are close to them, it is fear stopping them looking past their current belief system. They have forgotten we have a choice between love or fear. It really is that simple. Which one do you choose?

No Longer Feeling Trapped In The Body

I remember the first time I really started to get into Ki Gong and we were all lying down in a room, about 25 people, and I felt like I was the only one in that room. Then I felt like my consciousness filled that room and I became the room. Then I started to experience what I would call the void. And this scared me, and I jumped straight back into my body and then felt none of these experiences. I felt just my body again.

I realise it was that fear I experienced in me, which is the same in other people, that is stopping them from searching for their own soul inside, and to experience how vast this experience of consciousness is. And fear is being used against us, but that’s another story.

Some People Feel Trapped, Some Use The Body As An Antenna

What I am beginning to realise is that we are all on different levels, some staying the same, some going backwards, and some moving forward. When we choose to move forward consciously, it is hard. It is being honest with yourself at all times, and showing integrity to others by honouring what you say. This is hard, but we live in a forgiving universe and mistakes are ok.

I love the way the Navajo tradition talk about mistakes and forgiveness. Apparently they do not have a word for sorry. When someone harms another, they will immediately say ‘i didn’t mean to do that’, and they are forgiven immediately as their civilisation realised how difficult it is to be human.

Higher Energies Lessen The Feeling Of Being Trapped In Your Body

What gets easier is bringing the higher energies and vibrations down into your body, once you have done the work, and you actually bring heaven down to earth. I learnt this with the Chun By Kyung. Chun is heaven, your upper Dahn Jon has this connection. Ji is earth. Your lower Dahn Jon has this connection. And In, which is humanity, and your middle Dahn Jon has this connection. Chun Ji In. Heaven, Earth, Humanity.

More and more people are talking about how they see that this is true where we have to bring down the heavenly energies as human beings. People who are into past life regressions, spirituality, alchemy, and all the other wonderful practises out there that you can experience are all coming to the same conclusion.

My particular passion is Ki Gong, because it encompasses everything. And it has helped me grow to an unrecognisable human being when I consider how I was as a professional rock musician.

The Good News

The good news is that you are supposed to feel trapped. You should wake up, pay attention, and start to call out what you don’t want in your life, in your community and in your world. Being peaceful and loving while you do this is key here. And there are no political solutions to this problem because the problem is us.

Our intelligence far supercedes our intellect. Seeing as politics is purely intellectual, why are we not using our intelligence to ease us through this cycle we are in. When we use our intelligence, we will realise that love is the answer to everything.

What’s important to remember, at your essence, you are love. And you are worth the effort it takes to find that wonderful place. I look forward to finding you there when we make the connection from our hearts. Then we will truly know what it means to be a human on earth.

Do You Need Help With The Feelings Of Being Trapped In Your Body

I know I did need help with this. Since having two outer body experiences and realising that I was not my body, I searched to find the answers to this. I have created the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy to help you with this conundrum too.

The Dream Method

The Dream Method is a one to coaching and online course specifically to help you repair emotional childhood wounds, soothe anxiety and alleviate depression. When these problems are stuck in the body, we attach to them. And when we do that, we start to feel trapped in the body. There are many techniques and exercises to help break this dominant feeling. Click the link below for the free webinar to see if this resonates with you.

The Dream Method

For Highly Sensitives, Empaths And Intuitives

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Bright Beings Academy

The Bright Beings Academy is an online Qi Gong and Meditation school. This will help you clear the negative energy stuck in your body. This means yo can connect more with the higher energies available to you. Click the link below for your free trial to see if this is going to work for you.

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Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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