You Are Truly Amazing As A Human Being!

You Are Truly Amazing As A Human Being!
Being Human Is Truly Amazing!

You are truly amazing as a human being. That is a fact. All the money and technology in the world could not recreate you. Yet here we are, living in a world that seems to be becoming more disrespectful of what we actually are by the moment.

‘Whats this all about, I hear people screaming out.’ This is a line from one of my new songs. And it is a very valid question. Especially in todays crazy upside down world. And we should ask ‘What is this all about?’

I am seeing now that human beings have such a vast range of consciousness we have to tap into. And being highly sensitive, we seem to be able to delve deeper into these realms and find some truly amazing elements to us.

Look At Everything With Conscious Eyes

When we look at everything being conscious and it is simply different levels of vibrations, then this begs the question ‘Why are human beings so different with their levels of consciousness?’ And that is a very good question also.

When you break it down we can see that from the smallest virus and pathogen, they are a low level of consciousness, and have to use other living entities to survive, sometimes killing the host.

Jumping Up A Few Levels

Jumping up a few levels, you have the predators on earth, who really do not see the life they are taking when they have to eat. They can even eat the animal they have just caught when it is still just alive. No compassion or empathy there, just nature in the raw.

Then we come up another level to domesticated dogs and cats. They are both different species and one is much more independent than the other. Both species are beginning to rely on us.

Then we come up another level to the elephants, who are enormous plant based mamals, who have amazing memories for their ancestory and only wreck the enviroment when they are confined to certain areas. Otherwise they can live with each other and the enviroment quite peacefully.

And up another level is the whales, who create beautiful whale songs, which are healing to us, and their songs have much the same resonance as the star systems they are singing to. They are at peace and very content just swiming the oceans.

Where Do We Fit Into All Of This?

Ok, there is probably a better way to express this, but hopefully you are getting my point that there are different levels of consciousness on the planet. And where do we fit into this beautiful tapestry.

Actually, we can inhabit all levels of consciousness. Which is why we all have such a battle inside of us. It is the battle for what conscious level are we going to express in any given moment. This turmoil inside of us rages on and on until we decide to do something about it.

Why have we been given this amazing attribute? That is a very good question indeed. Earth is a learning school. And what some people who are saying who are channellers is that we are here to break free of the lower levels of consciousness through choice. It is a notion that is really starting to resonate with me.

Do we have forces at work trying to figure out how to bring peace and harmony into the material world, and the earth is one of these test grounds to make this happen? In the grand scheme of things, this could be true, and it still fits nicely along side the changes of ages we learn from the Yugas of the Vedas also.

No Magic Wand Or Silver Bullet

It is not a magic wand that comes along and changes everything. It is each and every individual who cares to do the work, and put the effort in the make the changes in themselves to tune in their body so they can accept the higher frequencies beaming onto our planet at the moment.

Highly sensitives are now starting to realise and really feel this call inside of them and are now speaking their truth. And the fear is disappearing as more and more of us speak out and take on this lower level of consciousness inside of us.

We are in a period of great change. And it is beautiful to see if you put the effort in. It is your internal alchemy of getting through the challenges and turning them into positives which make all the difference. We can do this together if we start to collaborate and not compete. That is what I am beginning to see.

And even on the material world this is happening. I have seen with my own eyes what hard work can achieve when you really want to achieve something. Basically, we must all be willing to do the hard work and sacrifice certain aspects of our life. So we can achieve something bigger and better.

We Can Access Different Levels Of Consciousness

We are amazing. And we can access so many levels of consciousness. Why not try to grow your reception of these new beams of light coming onto the planet? If you stick with the matrix world, you are in for a bumpy ride. Big changes are coming very soon that will really shake some people up. Others are more prepared for this.

Be prepared and fill your heart with love and not hate. Be positive rather than negative. Choose love and not fear. And when you tune into what you are capable of, you will realise, at the end of the day, everything is going to be alright. And that is a simple fact.

Now go out there into your world and shine like the star that you are. Be the sensitive one who sees more than others, who feels more than others, and has the capabilty of loving more that others. You are amazing and never let anyone make you lose sight of that.

How To Become Your Best Version

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Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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